Revealing our plantation Bed and Breakfast tonight!

14/06/12 10:53 AM

We still have not gotten the lease contract, but the owners have released us to reveal our plantation to the public today! We are excited and can’t wait to share this with everyone tonight!

Thank you to everyone for all you thoughts and words of encouragement and to those who have decided to follow us on this adventure! We still have a ways to go, but we are looking forward to this journey!

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30 Comments on “Revealing our plantation Bed and Breakfast tonight!”

  1. Very excited to hear the news!!

  2. Its coming!

  3. hoogator Says:

    Great stuff! Can’t wait. The process never goes as we plan, but the payoff is always worth it!

  4. Yes I have to agree with that!

  5. chiclycute Says:

    Eagerly awaiting the reveal πŸ™‚

  6. I will be starting to work on the post in a few minutes!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you and love following your journey! I’m thinking there is a road trip in my future πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you! We hope to see you soon!

  9. Ted Says:

    Hurry; HURRY!

  10. I’m trying!

  11. weddingspice Says:

    Congratulations! You must be so excited and I cannot wait for the reveal!

  12. Thank you! It’s coming shortly!

  13. Spoon Feast Says:

    Drum roll please. . .

  14. ……… and the winner is!

  15. Dianna Says:

    So excited that the time is near for the revealing…!

  16. It’s going to be in just a few minutes!

  17. Finally, I don’t know how you managed it!

  18. I had the hardest time! I don’t know how all of you managed it! But thank you for being so patient!

  19. For good thing I can manage to wait but, I’m glad when the waiting is over.

  20. Congratulations. it’s beautiful!

  21. Thank you! We can’t wait now to share it for real!

  22. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I love your beautiful bed and breakfast. How close are you to Staunton, VA?

  23. We are about 2.5 hours from Staunton. We look forward to seeing more of yours! Thank you for stopping by!

  24. Good deal! YAHOO! Best of luck.

  25. chrisstov Says:

    Glad that everthing is heading for completion at last.

  26. jimmyandcha Says:

    It’s beautiful! Congratulations! Thank you for stopping by and liking my post.

  27. Thank you! We look forward to seeing more of your blog! We hope you will enjoy ours in the weeks to come!

  28. jimmyandcha Says:

    Welcome! I certainly look forward to reading your blogs. I just wish that we can visit your B&B when we visit the US. Good luck on your business venture. Wishing you the best!

  29. Thanks for visiting Sites and Stories! And–wow, congratulations! This looks stunning, and if I’m ever traveling your way, I’ll be sure to visit. Good luck with your new venture!

  30. Thank you! We look forward to reading more of your blog! We hope you enjoy ours!