Occupancy permit, Building Codes, Zoning… oh my!

11/06/12 8:09 PM

Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz

Today we are still waiting to hear about the contract, but true to form with us, we decided to get a jump on things we need to get done. Brett has been on the phone most of the day working on getting the information we need from the county to get our occupancy permit. Just to let you know an occupancy permit is issued when your building is “suitable to occupy” from a health and safety point of view. This means we need to make sure that our plantation is up to code. So we will be contacting the Building Official for the county to work on this.

Because of our current zoning classification, we are going to need to get a Special Exception to use it as a bed and breakfast. For that we have to get an engineer to prepare a preliminary site plan and then will have to meet with the Zoning Director for the county.

So now the real fun begins!

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49 Comments on “Occupancy permit, Building Codes, Zoning… oh my!”

  1. Oh dear! GROAN!!! More red tape. Eventually it will all settle down for you.

  2. Its okay. Just taking a step at a time.

  3. Not sure if it’s still possible to take a guess at the location, but could it be Twiford?

  4. Sure you can take a guess! Anytime. But sorry, this time is not right. Sorry.

  5. Hmm..disappointing. Twiford has a similarly great history, but is probably smaller. Also, GW only visited their as a child, so doubtful he was a frequent flyer. Back to the Sherlock chair!

  6. Put’em up, put’em up….he’s my favorite Wizard of Oz character…courage is key!…It will all work out!

  7. Thank you! I love him too! And your comment has made us smile today! Thank you for encouragement!

  8. Ted Says:

    Git it right! I read last week that a 10 year old girl got fined for having a lemonade stand…

  9. I heard that too! We are going to be doting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s the whole way!

  10. Jen Says:

    Hm, I think WP ate my first comment. Wishing you luck—it’s amazing the hoops one has to jump through to get a business started. I hope Virginia treats you well and that you haven’t any major issues to deal with!

  11. Thank you! We are working our list and just taking it as it comes. Or in this case, trying to get a running jump so we can make our open goal! Thank you for the encouraging words!

  12. Good luck with it!

  13. Thank you! We are just working it as it comes!

  14. Dianna Says:

    Oh, goodness. More delays…. so sorry.

  15. Not delays, just stuff that needs to be done.

  16. Angeline M Says:

    Be brave! Have courage!

  17. If I can borrow from another comment tonight… Put’em up, put’em up!

  18. Laurie Says:

    Once again, good luck. We know what you are going through!

  19. Thank you! We will, just a step at a time!

  20. Tom Harley Says:

    Reblogged this on pindanpost and commented:
    problems like we have too…grrrr

  21. Thanks for the reblog! Yes, things we must do to get it open. Just take it a step at a time! (Says the lady that just started and hasn’t hit the wall yet!) haha

  22. Make a list and work through it; check other B & B’s in your area and verify their zoning; learn all you can before you meet with the Zoning Director.

  23. Thank you! We have been working with another successful B&B in Virginia. They have been our monitors of sorts. But we have the list and we are checking it twice! Just got to take it step by step.

  24. glennweissel Says:

    Keep your eyes on the goal and all will come to pass.
    Happy permitting!

  25. Thank you! We knew that we had to go through this process and that it could be painful, but we are just taking it a step at a time and trying to enjoy the journey!

  26. Doesnt it just! Good luck with the bureaucrats 😀

  27. Thank you! I am sure we will ok. Just need to take it a step at a time.

  28. Lisa at fLVE Says:

    Good luck! Can’t wait til you are open, so we can plan our trip to visit your plantation. 🙂

  29. Thank you! We look forward to opening soon too! And we can’t wait to meet everyone!

  30. Hang in there ~ This too will pass and in the end you will have reached your goal with a spectacular bed & breakfast. And just think; you can write a best seller on all your experiences and make up the money that it is costing you with all the red tape!

  31. Thank you! We keep hearing that we should write a book about the history because there is so much of it. (I can’t want to tell it once we are able to reveal it) Maybe one day!

  32. I hate it when you get to the serious parts–zoning and permits and codes…It’ll be over before you know it and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful business 🙂

  33. I do too! It will hopefully and we can get back to the fun part!

  34. verbalbanter Says:

    fingers crossed

  35. We have our toes crossed too!

  36. julespaige Says:

    Continue to be brave! I do love all things Oz. Sending good thoughts that your ‘Yellow brick road’ is smooth sailing 🙂

  37. Thank you! Lets just hope the “Wicked Witch” of government gets wet soon!

  38. julespaige Says:

    Not that I am rooting for the ‘Red Tape’ by any means…but sometimes villains need a little love…
    Sort of along the lines of the ‘Wicked’ series I wrote this for a word prompt (enjoy):
    Again, continued success!

  39. Very good! I have to say, even thought the flying monkeys were “wicked”, they were always one of my favorites!

  40. Victoria Says:

    And….the day will come that this is all a fleeting memory….guests all settled in and feeling at home.

  41. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I look forward to the day we can have our “friends” over to the plantation to enjoy a nice visit!

  42. Glad you are hanging in there. What a long and curvy road…

  43. Thank you for the words of encouragement! Yes it is a long and curvy road, but at least we are on the road with no plans to taking any exits anytime soon!

  44. As if you don’t have enough to do, but you’ve been tagged…Details here: http://allthingsboys.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/wonderful-awards/

  45. Thank you! We appreciate being included!

  46. Lots of hoops to jump through isn’t there? Wow. You guys clearly have some serious endurance!

  47. Thank you. Yes, there are loops to jump through and go under and go around and wait until the guy in front goes through and on and on… but we are sticking it out. We have come too far to stop now.

  48. Dear Michelle & Brett,
    First, thank you for visiting my blog (I am humbled by yours).
    I read every one of your postings. Your blog is very engaging.
    I am certain that you will develop your B&B Plantation into a world class destination. I will visit again.

  49. Oh wow, thank you for such kind words! We aren’t anything big, just a husband and wife that had a dream and did something about it. I love your blog! The food looks so good! We hope some day to meet you in person at the plantation! We also look forward to seeing more of your blog!