The James Madison Belle Grove Foundation
Our PRIME Mission is to Preserve, Restore, Improve, Maintain, and Educate the public about Belle Grove and its amazing American History.

The James Madison Belle Grove Foundation takes our Education seriously. We look to offer new and exciting progress that will enrich the publics understanding of our history. With the ever changing world, we seek to find new ways to tell our story. We work to bring information and teaching tools to public, private and homeschool classrooms. Our goal is to make history fun and exciting.

Our topics can range from the history such as President James Madison, the Rappahannock Tribe, or the Civil War to the beauty of nature such as photography classes or writers retreats. We invite you to come and see what new and exciting classes and workshop we have in store for you!

Coming Classes and Workshops in 2023

Homeschool Series

The James Madison Belle Grove Foundation is excited to announce our Homeschool Series. These hands on classes will explore a variety of topics that come from the history and nature of Belle Grove Plantation. Classes will be conducted both inside and on the outside grounds of the mansion. Students will receive a pin of completion after every class they attend to help remember the day.

Register for the Fall Homeschool Series