The plantation is revealed!

14/06/12 7:07 PM

Welcome to Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast!

Belle Grove Plantation is located in Port Conway, Virginia, across the Rappahannock River from Historic Port Royal, Virginia. Belle Grove Plantation is one of many historic plantations located in King George County.

Belle Grove Plantation started as a part of a 5000 acre land grant given to Thomas Chetwood and John Prossor by the governor of Virginia, William Berkley in 1668. This was compensation for bringing 162 people from England to help expand the colonies in the New World. In 1670, 1000 acres was sold by John Prossor to Anthony Savage and his wife, Alice Stafford Savage. At the death of Anthony Savage, 700 acres would pass to his son-in-law, Frances Thornton and 300 was passed to Frances’s daughter, Margaret to help her establish her own farm with his first cousin, William Strother, II from the plantation next door. This family would hold that 700 acre plantation for 150 years and would become the Conway Family. The plantation received its official name from John Moore, second husband of Rebecca Catlett Conway Moore.

Belle Grove – River side view

On January 9, 1731, Eleanor Rose Conway was born to Francis Conway I and Rebecca Catlett Conway on this plantation. She would grow up on the plantation and loved it dearly. On September 15, 1749, she would marry James Madison Sr. of Orange County, Virginia. Shortly before giving birth to her first child, Nellie Madison, as she was called, traveled back to Belle Grove Plantation to be with her mother for the birth. On March 16, 1751, she gave birth to James Madison. “Jemmy” as he was later called, would grow up to become the fourth President of the United States and is known as the Father of the Constitution.

Belle Grove – River side view

In 1783, Captain Francis Conway III set aside 10 acres of land from Belle Grove to lay out what would become Port Conway. In 1784, the Virginia General Assembly passed an act to establish it. Port Conway was set up into 1 acre lots and had a ferry that transported passengers and goods across the Rappahannock to Port Royal.

Belle Grove – Plantation side – Front Portico

In 1790, Captain Francis Conway sold Belle Grove to John Hipkins of Port Royal. John was a wealthy merchant and ship owner. He purchased Belle Grove for his only child, Frances “Fanny” Hipkins Bernard and her husband, William Bernard. In 1791, John Hipkins built the center section of the current home. The home in which James Madison was born had burned to the ground several years before. Fanny would only live there for ten years. After her death, William remarried and moved his new wife and family to Mansfield Plantation in Stafford County, Virginia. Belle Grove would be rented until the second son; William Bernard II married and moved his family into the home. In 1822, William Bernard II passed and the home was once again leased until it passed to the husbands of his two daughters.

Belle Grove – Front Hallway

Belle Grove would be sold in 1839 to a very prominent family, The Turners. Carolinus Turner and his young family moved in and quickly made some significant changes to the house. It was this family that gave Belle Grove its porticos and wind extensions. Carolinus would also start acquiring the one acre lots of Port Conway until he had completely reunited the land to Belle Grove. He would donate part of that land to establish the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, which still stands near the entry to Belle Grove Plantation. It was during the Turner family’s ownership that Belle Grove would be involved in the Civil War. Because of the narrowing of the Rappahannock River at Port Conway and Port Royal, both the Union and Confederate Armies saw this area as a strategic location for crossing. The area exchanged hands many times. Union Gunboats would patrol the river and Belle Grove would serve as a Union Headquarters. Thankfully, Belle Grove Plantation escaped damage and remained intact after the war.

Belle Grove – Formal Parlor

In April, 1865, Belle Grove Plantation would once again become the backdrop for history. On morning of April 24, 1865, John Wilkes Booth and David Harold used the ferry at Belle Grove to cross the Rappahannock River to Port Royal and on to Garrett’s Farm just 3 miles away. That afternoon, the detachment pursuing Booth and Harold, arrived at Belle Grove Plantation. Here Carolinus allowed them to rest in the front yard and offered them a meal. One of the officers, Lt. Everton Congar, was even allowed to sleep in the front hallway of Belle Grove. A short time later, the detachment crossed on the same ferry as Booth and Harold, and on April 26, 1865, the detachment caught up with Booth and Harold at Garrett’s Farm, capturing Harold and killing Booth. The Turner Family would continue to own Belle Grove until Carolinus’ death in 1876. The plantation was then placed in trust until his wife’s death.

Belle Grove – Formal Dining Room

Belle Grove was sold in 1901 to Captain J.F. Jack, an experimental farmer from Los Angeles, California. Captain Jack had already purchased the Walsingham Plantation next door just a year earlier. His goal was to see if he could raise alfalfa in Virginia. He would sell Belle Grove in 1911 to Otto Brant and William Allen, also from California, who would use it to raise corn and wheat. Just a couple years later, Otto Brant would sell his interest to William Allen, who would turn Belle Grove into a dairy farm.

Belle Grove – Library

In 1929, William Allen sold Belle Grove to John Palmer Hooker and his wife Mary. John was a wealthy real estate broker from Chicago. They had purchased Belle Grove as a summer home. Mary quickly set about restoring Belle Grove back to the grand old plantation it once was. She installed landscaping and gardens, which she would use later as part of her well known garden tours in the spring. John would later join her and this would become their primary residence until his death in 1974. Mary passed away in 1981.

Summer Kitchen and Cooks Quarters – possibly built 1791

Ice House – possibly built 1791

Smokehouse – possibly built 1791

Belle Grove stood empty until 1987, when it was purchased by the Haas Family of Vienna, Austria. In 1997, the Haas Family started on a large restoration project that would completely restore and preserve Belle Grove for future generations. They took special care to ensure that the house was not damaged down to a special mortar that was used to keep from damaging the bricks of the house. The slate roof that once topped Belle Grove had to be removed because it was becoming too heavy for the frame of the house. It was replaced with a lighter copper roof. In the basement, steel beams were added to the subfloor to shore up the base of the house.

In July, 2011, Brett and Michelle Darnell found Belle Grove Plantation through an online advertisement. Just two days later, they were walking into the front hallway that Lt. Congar slept and many others passed through. It was love at first sight. Since that time, Brett and Michelle have worked tirelessly to create a business that will be worthy of this historically significant home.

Congratulations to the following for guessing the name of the plantation!

(chronological order of correct guess)


Hint One:             Captain John Smith sailed up the river that runs by this plantation in 1608 and noted the Indian settlements along the river bank.

Answer:               The Rappahannock River

Hint Two:             George Washington was a frequent visitor to this plantation.

Answer:               George Washington was born just 16 miles from Belle Grove. His grandfather grew up at Mattox Creek, just nine miles from Belle Grove. We have been told, though not confirmed that Augustine Washington, father of George Washington was childhood friends of William Strother II of Millbank Plantation (next door to Belle Grove) and Margaret Thornton of Belle Grove Plantation. It was also stated in a 1930s survey that George Washington was a frequent visitor to Belle Grove.

Hint Three:         It’s not Williamsburg or the area around Williamsburg.

Answer:               Williamsburg is located two hours south from Port Conway, Virginia.

Hint Four:            Two famous Virginians were born on this plantation. Both were very good with words.

Answer:               President James Madison, Father of the Constitution and Thomas Lomax Hunter, Virginia State Poet Laureate 1948 and grandson of Carolinus Turner.

Hint Five:             The town located across the river from this plantation once was under consideration for the Nation’s Capital.

Answer:               Port Royal, Virginia. This town was under consideration for the Nation’s Capital, but was vetoed by George Washington. General Washington wanted the capital to be located closer to his home at Mount Vernon.

Hint Six:                An assassin passed through this plantation on the way to his death.

Answer:               John Wilkes Booth used the ferry on Belle Grove Plantation on April 24, 1865 to cross the Rappahannock River before traveling to Garrett’s Farm just three miles away. Two days later, he was killed there.

Hint Seven:         Name the Birds

Answer:               “James” and “Dolley”

Thank you to all for being so patient and joining us on this journey! Lots more information to come!

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  1. Ted Says:

    I knew where you were, and a good bit of your history. I just didn’t want to give before it was official.


  2. Thank you! If you have any history that I might have missed, please feel free to email me at I am always looking for personal stories or bits of history to add to my files!

  3. Wow, just stunning. I will be planning a visit to Virginia!!!

  4. Great! We will keep the light on! Thank you for joining us on the fun filled journey!

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  9. When are you targeting opening the doors to guests, probably too early to even ask?

  10. We are hoping to be open by September 2012!

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  12. Lillie Says:

    The pictures of your ‘new’ place are simply amazing! I am sure that in person the house and grounds are even more so. Congratulations on getting the news that you are close enough to make it public now. That must feel great…! Yay! *dancing in happy circles*

  13. Thank you! We are dancing in circles too! Today was so hard to get through work so I could get home and let the cat out of the bag!

  14. Lloyd Parlee Says:

    Wow that’s huge. It’s beautiful. I’ve been to the Port Royal in Nova Scotia, hopefully I’ll make it up to your place in the future.

  15. Thank you! It is really something to see in person! We hope to see you some day!

  16. Mary Lou Says:

    Amazingly beautiful. Thanks for putting the answers to the hints.

  17. You are welcome! We wanted to make sure everyone had the answers. Now you must come see it in person!

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  21. Whenever you can, we will always be here!

  22. elle Says:

    It’s absolutely stunning,and your interior color palette is spectacular! I wish you the very best.

  23. Thank you! Now the fun of filling it!

  24. domesticnews Says:

    Drop dead Gorgeous!! I had to find a map listing–you are 2,851 miles away, a 48 hour drive. Or a detour from a DC conference. 🙂 Those rooms are crying for some furniture, have fun decorating! And please keep posting, maybe even some recipes for those of us far away? I’m happy for you!

  25. Wow that would be some detour! Heres hoping you have a conference in DC sometime! I will be doing a lot more postings as we move through the process. I will try and put some of the recipes up too! Thank you!

  26. Debbie Says:

    So amazing! Thanks for sharing here for all of us to see. I need to plan a trip to Virginia 🙂 Congratulations.

  27. Thank you! We are so excited to finally be able to share it!

  28. thebeadden Says:

    That takes my breath away! So beautiful inside and out. The molding on the ceiling the trim is looks almost knee high! I thought our old house had high trim! Just stunning!

  29. Thank you! But you have to see it in person! It is so much more than any photo can show!

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  34. jmmcdowell Says:

    What a beautiful property! And a fascinating history. The archaeology would be amazing, but sometimes it’s best to simply keep it preserved in place.

    You’re not too far from Montgomery County, Maryland. 🙂 I’m thinking this would be a beautiful place for a short getaway.

  35. I agree the archaelogy would be amazing. We have already found things just lying on top of the ground. I have made sure to pick it up, clean it and bag it. I have also noted where it came from on the property. I know that there is so much more to find. As we start doing the landscaping, I am sure we will uncover more. I have mindful of how we are going to work so we are able to recover things without destroying them. Then we will preserve them and display them in the future. I am going to do a post later on all this. We do hope that you will come down for a getaway! We look forward to meeting you!

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  38. Oh, if I came, you’d likely be unable to get rid of me. I might have to start saving up…

  39. That is funny. Brett told the owners that once I got into this house, they would have to pull my dead fingers off of it. haha

  40. Tori McRae Says:

    Congratulations Michelle and Brett! Such exciting news after so much work and a long wait. I can see now why you’ve been on shopping trips. It’s a lot of house to fill. I’ve passed your blog site along to my daughter in Atlanta and hope at least she will get to visit Bella Grove even if I may not get to. I’m so happy for you both!
    Tori McRae

  41. Thank you! We are very excited about this adventure. And the shopping trips don’t hurt either 😉 We hope to see your daughter some day, but hope that maybe you too will be able to experience this grand old Virginia Home!

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  44. NJ Vinoman Says:


    Absolutely beautiful. If I can’t make it, I will be sure to recommend it to friends.

  45. Thank you! We really appreciate you passing us along to others! We hope to also meet you one day too!

  46. twisterfish Says:


  47. Yes it is! You have to see it in person to really get why we have worked so hard!

  48. Stacey Says:

    I found your blog through a mutual friend on Facebook – I live in Southern Maryland, and we’re just about a hour from Belle Grove! I’ve driven past it for years on 301 going back and forth to college in Ronaoke VA, always noticed the little beautiful episcopal church and the historical marker for Belle Grove. I assumed for the longest time that there was nothing behind the church, until one day last winter when the trees were all bare, I noticed the house up above the river coming across the bridge from Port Royal. I’m so excited for your B&B to open! I will definitely be coming for a visit once you open 🙂 I love historical sites!

  49. Stacey Says:

    And I know how to spell “Roanoke”… silly me…

  50. You were just excited and typing too fast 😉

  51. Now you know how we felt when we first saw that beautiful home on the bluff. That church is also part of the property and history! I will be sharing alot of it in future blogs! We are so excited and are glad people are sharing this beautiful place with others! This will really help us keep this open to all who want to experience the history! We look forward to meeting you!

  52. Angeline M Says:

    Wow, do you feel like you’ve given birth?
    Beautiful plantation.! Congratulations.

  53. Wow… if that were the case, that was a really long labor! (started in July 2011) Thank you! It is very beautiful! We hope you can come and experience it some day!

  54. MixerUpper Says:

    Fascinating and gorgeous! We are not too far away (NJ), and I am definitely going to plan a visit when you open. How many guest rooms will you have?

    I will help a you make breakfast. 😉


  55. Great! I never turn down help in the kitchen! Right now we have four master suites in the main house. We are hoping to add some cottages at a later date. Yes, NJ isn’t too far to come for such a beautiful place!

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    What a find, what a history, what a beauty! Your journey to this point is over and the real fun has begun. Visit to Belle Grove Plantation is now in our ‘bucket list’! 🙂

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  70. GrayFoxDown Says:

    My wife and I think it’s a beautiful place. We may get the old Mustang tuned-up and head on down to Belle Grove for a spell. Regards!

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  72. jeff salter Says:

    I’m very impressed.
    I have a special place in my heart because I grew up in Covington LA on Madison St. which was named after that President. [The adjoining streets were Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, etc.]
    Those were wonderful years in my life and seeing the name “Madison” always brings them back. I’d love to stay at your B&B some day.
    And thanks for visiting my blog today!

  73. Thank you! We feel the same about the name Madison. We seemed to have been lead to this place, first by way of another Belle Grove in Middletown, VA and then by Montpelier. Whatever lead us here, we are in love and can’t wait for the first of our “friends” to come and stay! We also look forward to seeing more of your blog! Btw, we love LA! We spent our 25th wedding anniversary in and around New Orleans!

  74. jeff salter Says:

    I grew up on the “north shore” across Lake Ponchartrain from N.O. … in Covington. And, another interesting tie-in: for about 26 years in the Shreveport area, we lived on a street which made a right angle with Belle Grove [don’t recall if it was ave., or St., or Dr.]

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  78. swagataraha Says:

    Congratulations! The plantation has such a rich history and you both are so passionate about the place. If I ever visit Virginia, I will know where to stay.

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  90. Thank you! Yes, there is so much history here! I have been doing research since last July and every time I think I have all there is to it, I find more just waiting to be discovered! We look forward to sharing these discoveries and all the fun of opening a new business!

  91. Amy Says:

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  95. lvaletutto Says:

    Lovely photos of the plantation. I’m glad you were able to reveal it to everyone and I hope your business will be booming as soon as you are able to get all the logistics squared away. Just out of curiosity how many people guessed the name of the plantation correctly?
    Laura V.

  96. Thank you! We had four people that guess correct. I had to hold their comments until we revealed the plantation though. But now everyone knows!

  97. lvaletutto Says:

    Oh just wondering because I guessed correctly as well (by email) but didn’t see my name listed.
    Laura V.

  98. Did I miss you! I am so sorry! I thought I got every one! I will add you to our list.

  99. lvaletutto Says:

    Laura V.

  100. bentneedle Says:

    Oh. My. God. It’s gorgeous, and what a story! When can I come visit?? I’m off to find your FB page to see if it says when you’ll be open for business, but if it doesn’t I hope you post all that info soon!

  101. Thank you! We are hoping for September, 2012. We are just hoping to get everything done as soon as we can. But you know what they say about the best laid plans!

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  110. Spoon Feast Says:

    Finally the cat is out of the bag! I am so intrigued by the church and the kitchen out buildings. What a wonderful place!
    I told Robert we have to make a long weekend trip. I love the history you are providing us. Can you ‘feel it’ there? I love places where history washes over you like a wave.
    Good for you guys!

  111. Thank you! We are so glad to let that cat out! The church and the outbuilding are truly something to see! We are going to do a feature post on each of them. It’s too much to do in one! We look forward to meeting you and Robert! Can we “feel it”? I would have to say a very big YES to that. It’s like an electric charge as soon as you pull in. It’s so thick at times, you can almost cut it with a knife. I just have such a hard time really telling you how it feels. You just have to come and see what I mean.

  112. Congratulations. You’ve made it! It must be a wonderful feeling to live in a beautiful house with so much history. Good luck and I hope to visit one day.

  113. Thank you! And we appreciate you following along for the whole time! We know it was getting hard to wait, but we are glad that its over and we can really share it all!

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  117. Thank you! We do too! There is such great history here and we are excited to share it with everyone!

  118. Wow, what a spectacular bit of history. It’s wonderful when individuals preserve our past, rather than pave it over because it “will take too much work, cost too much money” or doesn’t meet some other cost-benefit analysis guidelines. The fact is, this is a one-of-a-kind structure. I understand that we can’t conserve everything from the past, but once something like this is gone, it’s gone. Thank you for helping to preserve our past.

  119. Thank you! We feel just as you about this house. The history here is beyond your wildest ideas. And its not just this house, its also three very special outbuilding that were built in the 1790s. To have all three is just amazing! And as we start to restore them, I can’t wait to see what story it will tell!

  120. chrisstov Says:

    Congratulations and all the best for the future. Look forward to seeing how things progress.

  121. Thank you! I know you have been along with us on this journey for awhile. Thank you for joining us!

  122. Absolutely breathtaking!! We wish you well on your adventure and look forward to following your journey. Walt and I have put Belle Grove Plantation on our travel bucketlist! Best of Luck!!

  123. Thank you! We can’t wait to meet you and Walt! It’s funny, when I show the picture I carry of Belle Grove, I get the same reaction.. an open gasping month! I can’t wait to see that the reaction will be once you see it in person!

  124. divadicucina Says:

    It is gorgeous! And what a fabulous history to go along with. Congratulations! I have loved reading your posts all leading up to the big reveal.

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  129. Thank you! We had a lot of people that were really close! It was so hard not to tell!

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    Congrats and good luck! It truly is a really majestic and gorgeous estate!

  131. Thank you! I don’t know, but maybe one day we can offer 162 jobs from the growth of this plantation! Wouldn’t that be grand!

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  139. Thank you! We were the “open gaping mouth” too! This journey has just be one of the best of our lives. We have had highs and lows, but we have always believed in this plantation. It is so nice too see that others see the same as we do in it!

  140. How absolutely beautiful! You are living one of my dreams; I hope you enjoy every minute of it. I’ve been enjoying your blog tremendously.

  141. Thank you! It has been a dream of ours for many years. We hope that as we share our journey it will inspire others to chase theirs! Thank you for coming along on this ride!

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  144. Lissa Rabon Says:

    Wow! You did it! Congrats!

  145. Thank you! Yay! We can share it now!!

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  147. Yes we have to say it feels that same way for us! We can’t wait for everyone to come and see this true piece of history!

  148. Love it! Especially the Riverside view.

  149. You know most are drawn to the Plantation side because of all the details, but the River side has such a quiet stately look. You know that side is the considered the front of the house too!

  150. Thanks for all of the likes too!

  151. No problem, we enjoy reading others blogs!

  152. Victoria Says:

    What a wonderful place with a wonderful history. Here’s to a wonderful future! Congratulations! Beautiful!

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  154. oceannah Says:

    It is beautiful!! What a great place to be having a B&B!

  155. Thank you! We think so too! We hope you can come and see it for yourself some day!

  156. Myrna Says:

    What an amazing adventure you have been on for the last 10 months! The restoration of the house looks amazing! I’m so glad that you came to my blog and your name piqued my interest. I have been reading your posts every since. I wish you much success with your B&B! Afternoon tea sounds wonderful in your special home.

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  194. Jim, Thank you for your wonderful message. We are not at the house just yet. Just the caretaker is there. We are still waiting for the contract to be finalized. (argh!) It seems to be taking forever! But we do appreciate you stopping by to see us. We are planning on being at the house this weekend so maybe we can meet up at that time. Brett and I would love to meet the Historic Society and others!

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