Poor Hurley!

Mar. 6th 2013

With all the wonderful Cookie Contest Recipes coming in…

I think we have worn poor Hurley out! 


But don’t let his lounging around stop you!

Keep you great recipes coming in!

Just click on James Madison

to go to our Instructions on how to enter!

Cookie Contest Image

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Thank you to all who have offered their thoughts!

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Cookie Contest MIA

Jan. 28th 2013

We have had a lot of you asking about the Cookie Contest of late.


Yes, it has gone MIA.

But don’t worry! It will be returning!

We will reopen the contest on March 1st to March 31st!

We have also made a few changes in the contest.

The best part is there will not be an entry fee this time!

So get your recipes cooking, perfect your photos and be ready to enter as many as you like!

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