“Skunking” Away

19/06/13 8:53 AM

Sunset at Belle Grove by Tamara Riley

Sunset at Belle Grove
by Tamara Riley

Yesterday was another one those days that so much happened that it was hard to write about it all. But there is one more thing I just have to tell you about.

If you follow the blog and Facebook, you know we have allot of wonderful wildlife. We have deer, groundhogs, osprey, rabbits, eagles and raccoon. Recently, I came across a skunk that seems to like to hang out in our lane at the entry of the plantation. When I first saw it at night, I thought it was a cat. But the white strip down the back quickly told me this was not a “cat” I wanted to get close to.

Yesterday, we got a surprise for our skunk. He decided to head over to the bowling green and visit the grassy field behind the caretaker’s house. Being sunset, I thought I could finally get a good shot of him. So I jumped into my car, windows rolled up mind you, and headed to that side of the driveway.


He had moved off into the tall grass and my camera doesn’t have a good long range lens so it was hard for me to get up close. So, I decided to do a little off roading. Of course with all the rain, I was just praying I didn’t get stuck in the mud. Can’t you image me telling the toll truck driver, “Yeah, I got stuck because I wanted a close up picture of a skunk.”Β  Boy would this small community have a laugh about that one! Thankfully I didn’t get stuck.

What I got was a really funny story!

I got up to the edge of the grass and I could see him walking towards the caretaker’s house. He was down low in the tall grass, so all I could get was this black thing moving through the grass. I kept thinking to myself, “Just look up!”

Then I got an idea…. I will tap on the roof to get his attention. Yes, I had the window rolled down to get a better shot.

So I reached up and tapped on the roof….

Have you ever seen a cat when you startle it?

It jumps up really high in the air.

That is what this skunk did!


He jumped up, turned to face me and had his tail sticking straight up in the air!

It was so funny!


After a few seconds, it continued on its way.

I tapped the roof again.


It jumped, turned and had it tail up again!


It continued walking….

I did this about five times, each time, it would jump up, turn and had its tail sticking straight up in the air!

I only got two good shots of him doing this because after the second time, I was laughing too hard!

I pulled away from the grassy area and the skunk made his way on through the grass. I am sure I will get another chance to see him. My friend who was visiting me later saw TWO skunks near the bowling green. Who knows. Maybe one day we will have baby skunks too! But now I have to think of a name for the two. One thing is for sure, it won’t be Pepe or Flower.

Anyone want to make some suggestions?

Sunset on the River on 6-18-2013

Sunset on the River on 6-18-2013

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32 Comments on ““Skunking” Away”

  1. Great story, and love the sunset shot. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you!

  3. I so love reading about your wonderful adventures whether they be shopping or “skunk” hunting…you always make me smile!
    How about calling your new friend “Surprise”! πŸ™‚

  4. Haha! Thank you! You made me smile today too! I love the name – we just might have to use it!

  5. PigLove Says:

    Snorts – I think you a need a miniature pot bellied pig that roams the grounds there. I – I mean – he could be like a little mascot for the plantation. Whatdoya say? XOXO – Bacon

  6. Well Bacon, what would I tell Hurley since he considers himself the official mascot? Snorts would be a cute name if we did have a pot bellied pig!

  7. PigLove Says:

    We could share the job. Heck, we would be great sidekicks. Kind of like Andy and Barney from Mayberry. Oinks PLOL. XOXO – Bacon

  8. Ok, that could work…;)

  9. PigLove Says:

    Yay! Hurley Bacon Security at your service. Sounds food doesn’t it? Snorts. Every plantation needs us. XOXO – Bacon

  10. I can see this as one of the best services we offer!

  11. tchistorygal Says:

    How was the smell in the air after you tapped on the roof? We have tons of skunks at our house. The come eat the cat’s food if we leave it out. We smell them regularly and that’s more skunk than I like. They are pretty, though. Funny post! More importantly, it looked and sounded like YOU were having fun! πŸ™‚

  12. You know, I didn’t smell a thing. (thankfully) I didn’t see them again tonight. But I am sure they will reappear soon. Yes, the most important part was that I was having fun! Best of all, when everyone comes, we can all have fun!

  13. tchistorygal Says:

    Enjoy! Your experience is priceless! πŸ™‚

  14. πŸ™‚

  15. IAEES Says:

    wonderful sunset shot

  16. Thank you!

  17. John Says:

    Nice shots, the sunset is beautiful. I hope you never get hit with skunk smell!

  18. Thank you! I hope I don’t either. I was pretty cautious.

  19. Woman, will you keep in mind they have a decent distance on those sprays! However, since he was facing you, and didn’t have his butt in your direction…. ho about George and Martha?

  20. Don’t worry, I was watching for it. George and Martha, that might be good.

  21. David Says:

    Nice sunset shot, and nice shot of Belle Grove.

    I don’t know if want to have a skunk family. If they want to live there, … πŸ™‚

  22. Thank you! lol, they generally keep their distance. I am the one chasing after them.

  23. Dianna Says:

    Your sunset photos are gorgeous. As for those skunks….I’d leave them be….and I certainly wouldn’t be hoping for a family of them…
    But, I’ve heard that tomato juice is a good remedy for skunk smell, should you be that unfortunate.

  24. Thank you! No worries, I haven’t gotten close enough to be hit…yet. But we will keep tomato juice on hand just in case. I heard that too.

  25. Terry Says:

    how about military stripes?

  26. Haha! That would be funny!

  27. Mama Bear Says:

    You could always name one of them John, after Dolley’s son. Because wasn’t he a “stinker” in real life?

  28. Haha! That would be funny! Yes John Payne Todd was a bit of a “stinker”!

  29. Lynda Says:

    Skunk: 1

    Sunsets: 10!

  30. Haha! Funny thing is the skunk made an appearance today! We have decided to call him/her (we won’t get close enough to know) “Surprise”!

  31. hermitsdoor Says:

    Suggestion: don’t encourage skunk activity around places where you plan to have guests… Someone will not be happy in the future. If you do plan to relocate them (check your local animal control ordinances), and use a Have-A-Heart Trap. Once you have a skunk in it, approach it slowly from the front and lay a blanket over the trap. Leave it be for a while, and the skunk will go to sleep in the dark. Pick up the trap with the blanket in place to move it, best in an open bed truck. Relocating has limited benefit though, because like the Cat That Came Back, skunk are good a tracking their way home. And, with today’s population density, you might just be giving your concern to a neighbor.

    On a more humorus note, one evening while driving home, we had to come to a dead stop in the road (usually 55 mph) because of momma, pappa, and seven baby skunks crossing the road. We were glad that the truck behind us slowed down and did not try to pass us!

  32. Believe me we aren’t encouraging it. We have just talked to someone about relocating him. We need to get in touch with Animal Control to find out how to go about it here. We have named him/her (we won’t get close enought to know for sure) “Surprise”