New Arrivals!

18/06/13 8:17 PM

After an exciting day of getting books, we got some more new arrivals! 



Check out the new additions!


I am sure you remember this piece! I have been talking about it for weeks.

It is a Victorian Serving Table with Egyptian Black Marble with Gold and White Veining! It is final home!

It will be in the Parlor.


This is the Corner Cupboard we purchased. We may not be able to use this one because the cold air intake is there. We may have to exchange it for something else.


This is our 1830 Grandfather Clock. It has now taken its position next to our elevator in the Parlor.

Yes, I said elevator.


The Face is just beautiful! It has a sailing Tall Ship on the dial.

The Eagle is just fitting for us here at Belle Grove!


The guys moving our furniture set up our dining room table this time!

All 26 feet of it!

It seats 14!


These are two lamps we purchased for the Turner Room.

The Turner Room will be Victorian.


We purchased these two lamps for the Madison Room.


Don’t you just love the details in the globes?


Now do these look familiar?

If you have seen the movie “Lincoln” you have seen these sattees!

Lincoln Screen Shot

Note just to the left!!

They will be gracing our parlor until our Rosewood Sattees come to Belle Grove.

Afterwards, they may be added to the seating rooms of our Junior Suites!

To see more purchases at Belle Grove

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21 Comments on “New Arrivals!”

  1. Lovely, just lovely. Cannot wait until I can visit you sometime…. our daughter and her family are in Old Town Alexandrria, so we head up to VA often. You have a great eye for what goes where. Simply beautiful. DAF

  2. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to meet you too! But I have to say it’s not all me that is placing these. Our design team from Gates Antiques has been priceless in their knowledge and skills.

  3. It looks beautiful, I am glad your found someone who can help you implement your thoughts into reality.

  4. Thank you!

  5. John Says:

    Totally fabulous! The lamp globes are excellent with detail, and the grandfather clock is fantastic! I have always had a soft spot for grandfather and grandmother clocks. They remind me of my grandparents and the wonderful old clocks they had. You two don’t do anything half way, way to go!!

  6. Thank you! The Grandfather Clock was one I fell in love with first. It fits so perfect,

  7. The lamps. The lamps. Help me, Rhonda.

  8. Haha! Thank you!

  9. Beth L Lee Says:

    I love your selections! Just beautiful. I must give some consideration to the book that I want to send. I have so many that would be good in your library.

  10. Thank you so much! We appreciate you sharing your books with us! We have had such wonderful supporters and we are truly blessed!

  11. cookazido Says:

    Everything you have chosen is so beautiful!

  12. Thank you!

  13. dorothyadele Says:

    Very pretty

  14. Thank you!

  15. Gorgeous… simply gorgeous 🙂 x x x

  16. Thank you!

  17. You’re welcome Michelle 🙂 x x x

  18. The dinning room table! I die!

  19. Don’t die! Just come and eat!

  20. Amy Says:

    All are beautiful and elegant!

  21. Thank you!