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17/05/13 2:17 PM

Today, I decided to take a ride back to Chesapeake so I could restock, do laundry and see my family. Don’t worry, I will be returning tomorrow to continue working on getting the doors open!


I haven’t written too much about our favorite “Plantation Dog” Hurley lately because he is staying in Chesapeake while we get the work done around the house. But today was a classical Hurley moment that was too good to keep to myself.

When I arrived home, Brett and the kids were at work, so the only greeters at home were Hurley and my daughter’s cat, Millie. As always, Hurley was so excited to see me. We just love the whimpering sounds he makes when he hasn’t seeing you in a day or two. And as always, Millie hasn’t surfaced yet. Her daily nap time isn’t complete. Around 4:30, she will appear and let you know it’s time to feed her.

After I got my things in, I asked Hurley if he wanted to go outside. He just sat in his favorite place on the loveseat and stared at me. So the answer at that moment was “No”. So I sat down and started answering emails and reading over Facebook and WordPress.

A few minutes later, I get the cool nose pushing up from under my arm, which Hurley is saying, “I want your attention.” I gave him a pat and he twisted around for me to scratch his back. A minute later, I went back to my computer work. As soon as I did, I get the cool nose push again. This time I ask if he wants to go outside. With that he runs to the sliding glass door.

Our pool is in the backyard and as I pull the curtain back, I can see Brett has uncovered it and is working on getting it ready for the season. Now I have to explain something about Hurley. He LOVES the pool. It is his love and obsession during the pool season. He will find any way to get in the pool. When we let him out, we even have to tell him not to get in. Most of the time, he listens. But he can be really sneaky about it. So you have to watch him if you don’t want him wet.

As I open the door, I tell Hurley as we always do, “Okay, no swimming. Do not get in the pool.” He looks up at me and smiles. I know this means, “Yeah, right.” So as I slide the door, I get more firm and say, “Hurley, no pool. Stay out of the pool. No swimming.” As I am saying this he is trotting out the door. As I finish my last sentence, Hurley stops in his tracks, turns around at me and looks at me. So I repeat, “Hurley, no pool. Stay out of the pool. No swimming.” He pauses a second, looks back that pool, looks back at me and then finally looks back at the pool. Then he turns around and trots back in the door.

So I close the door and walk back in and sit down to the computer. I am no fool. I have been around this course before. So after a few minutes, I look up to see what Hurley is doing. He is sitting in the loveseat with looking at me.

09 (1)

He sure does have me wrapped around his paws!

So feeling bad, I get up and we go outside together for a quick play.





Classic Hurley. He is smarter than anyone realizes!

To see more pictures of Hurley, our Plantation Dog.

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36 Comments on “Welcome Home”

  1. seniorhiker Says:

    I guess it is easy to see who is ‘top dog’ in your house.

  2. That would be very correct 😉

  3. Terry Says:

    he is so beautiful. I would have him spoiled rotten

  4. Believe me, he is spoiled rotten!

  5. Dianna Says:

    Our four-legged furbabies are so spoiled!

  6. Yes they are!

  7. John Says:

    So sweet!

  8. Thank you!

  9. Goldens are very, very smart. And they know how to get their way. All three of ours (the one who has passed and the current ones) rule the roost here.

  10. They are very smart! I know he understand what I am saying to him. And yes, he does rule the roost here!

  11. Hi Hurley. 🙂

  12. He says “Hi!” 😉

  13. Just like a child, he knows how to get what he wants with that adoring look. Clever boy!

  14. Yes he is really good at that!

  15. Oh, he’s just so gorgeous 🙂 Hello Hurley 🙂

  16. Thank you! He says “Hello” back.

  17. He is much bigger than my boy Johnny, but just as interested in being a pal and lap dog. Dianne

  18. Johnny sounds as sweet as Hurley!

  19. Ah, handsome Hurley was so happy to have his mom all to himself. When my humans are on the computer and I want to get their attention, I just plop my whole head down on the keyboard. Than makes them stop what they’re doing! So glad the two of you got to spend a little quality time.

  20. Wow you do like to get their attention! Glad Hurley doesn’t do that! He would break the keyboard!

  21. becky6259 Says:

    There was no way on earth to resist a face like that! What a totally irresistible dog — who could blame you for being wrapped around his little paw? lol

  22. Thank you! Hurley is blushing. 😉

  23. I can’t believe how smart and well-behaved Hurley is!

  24. Yes, I have to say it is almost scary how much he really understands.

  25. tchistorygal Says:

    We have a little dog, and she feels just the opposite about the pool. She prefers sunbathing even though she has very little fur to protect her skin. This is a very homey blog, not what one would expect from an historic plantation. Well done 🙂 🙂

  26. Thank you so much! I bet she is cute laying by the pool!

  27. tchistorygal Says:

    By is not even the word. Hovering back by the cabana, as far away from the pool as she can get until we get out of the water!

  28. 🙂

  29. pommepal Says:

    Hurley is adorable, almost human. 🙂

  30. I would have to agree with that statement! Thank you!

  31. belocchio Says:

    Hurley has a beautiful, intelligent face. A lovely member of your family. V.

  32. Thank you! We love him too!

  33. Smart dog! Got almost what he wanted, no? 😉

  34. Yes, he gets what he wants all the time.

  35. Hurley is a genius 🙂

  36. 🙂