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08/04/13 11:59 PM


After starting out the first week of unemployment with back to back meetings, I finally got a break to relax. So I decided to head to Historic Fredericksburg to do a little antique shopping for the plantation. I was joined by one of our blog and facebook followers for lunch. She choose a Tea Room for us to enjoy. If you are a follower of the blog, you know this was a great spot for me!

Here is a little information on Pinkadilly’s

Pinkadilly Tea began as a dream of owner, Kaye Tippett. After working over 20 years in the mortage industry, Kaye began to feel the rumblings of change. She had been collecting teapots and tea cups for years and would often host tea parties in her home for family and friends. After one such gathering a light bulb went off and suddenly the dream of openings a tea room was born.

On January 2, 2008, Pinkadilly Tea opened its doors for the first time in the Smythe’s Cottage, a local landmark steeped in folklore and history. Well known in Fredericksburg for its connection to the Kenmore Estate and for its rumors of being haunted, the cottage was filled with charm and warmth. Even still, it was very old and after 5 years of wonderful memories the cottage was no longer functioning well for their needs and the bittersweet decision was made to move to their new location at.

Today, they have worked very hard to make sure their new home is just as cozy and inviting as the Smythe’s Cottage.


When I entered, I complete understood why it was called “Pinkadilly”. The room is a warm shade of pink with accents of tea pots, tea cups and crystal chandeliers. I was the first to arrive so I was able to look around and note all the wonderful pots and cups. There is also a “dress up” corner of hats if you chose to enjoy your tea in style!




Once my lunch date arrived, we order a pot of Earl Grey. She also recommended Bacon, Mushroom and Cheddar Quiche and a cup of Maryland Crab Soup. She told me that once I had this soup, I would never love another soup again.



She was right!

The Quiche was light and airy with just the right amount of seasoning. Each bite just melting in your month. And the soup! This creamy dream of a soup has just the right amount of crab as not to be too overbearing. You know some times you order Crab Soup and the crab can make the soup smell and taste a little too fishy. But this soup didn’t have that. If no one had been looking, I would have thrown my good Southern manners and licked the cup to get every last drop! But I made my grandmother proud and refrained from doing so.


After our first course, we were treated to two warm and moist Strawberry and Vanilla Cream Scones. They were topped with a sparkle of Powdered Sugar and had a side of Lemon Curd and Devonshire Cream. I ate just the Vanilla Cream with the Devonshire Cream and Lemon Curd. It was just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without stuffing you.


Just as we were about to leave for our shopping, in walks a group of “Red Hat” Ladies for an afternoon tea. In my mind, I could image these ladies back during earlier times, when ladies would visit one another to drink tea and gossip of the social community.

Things haven’t really changed. We may not go to one another’s home as they use to, but the tea houses have become something of a past “Coffee House” where you gather to discussion topics of the day. It’s just a little more gentile now.

When you come to Belle Grove for a visit, you must make a point to stop by Pinkadilly’s to see Kaye! Like us, she stepped out of her comfort zone and chased her dream. If the story doesn’t get you, the Maryland Crab Soup will!

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20 Comments on “Pinkadilly Tea House”

  1. mlspell Says:

    I love the rack of hats!

  2. They are pretty!

  3. terry1954 Says:

    I think I am in love with that tree! My brother is not well. I found out yesterday that the Parkinsons is winning over his heart. There will be one day that my life will be very lonely and I will make a trip to come visit the mansion that i have fallen in love with

  4. I am so sorry Terry! I know you are going through a tough time! My heart and prayers are with you!

  5. I love the idea of a tea house and spending special times with special friends.

  6. I do too!

  7. John Says:

    Explosively pink! The quiche looks really good.

  8. Yes, it really was pink in there! The quiche was really good!

  9. lynnwyvill Says:

    Sounds so good and looks so pretty. And look at you with the “creamy dream of a soup” phrase. Love it!

  10. Thank you! It really was good!

  11. chr1 Says:

    That’s a lot of lovely ladies in one place

  12. Yes, but it is so much fun!

  13. Jen Says:

    That looks and sounds like fun. Plus, those pink walls must make everyone absolutely glow! 😉

  14. It was great fun! And yes the pink was just beautiful!

  15. Jen Says:

    I painted my office in “Ballet Slippers”, a very soft, warm pink. It makes my complexion look so perfect I rather hate to leave. 😉

  16. I bet it is beautiful!

  17. Pinkadilly is the best tea house around–better than Disney’s Grand Floridian and as much as I love Keswick, I think it’s nicer than their tea service. Kay is an amazing lady. I’m so glad you went and gave this nice review. You might want to alter the font color as it was hard to read some sections.
    God bless!

  18. Thank you! It was good. I will look at making the changes.

  19. snackshots Says:

    Love the photos :). Never been to Virginia, but if I find myself there I’ll have to visit this place!

  20. Thank you! Please do! We would love to see you!