Heading Back

11/01/13 10:14 PM


It’s the weekend and we are so excited!

The term “TGIF” has a whole new meaning to us these days.

View of Belle Grove from the opposite bank in Port Royal

View of Belle Grove from the opposite bank in Port Royal

Yes, tomorrow we are heading back to the plantation for a full day of fun.

But we won’t be taking this trip alone!

We will be taking our favorite staff memberโ€ฆ



We have two or three meeting set up for tomorrow.

Ferry Farm

Ferry Farm

Our first is with our favorite archaeologists from Ferry Farm. They are coming to see the plantation for the first time! We are so excited to have them there! Who knows what we are going to find out with expert eyes viewing the plantation for the first time!

First Bridal Shoot at Belle Grove Plantation

First Bridal Shoot at Belle Grove Plantation

Afterwards we are meeting with a bride-to-be to discuss having her photo shoot at the plantation. We expect to have many photo shoots and weddings in our future! We canโ€™t wait!

We may also have a group of ladies stopping by to see the plantation and to discuss a future meeting and luncheon with Belle Grove Plantation. I am so excited to have this group come to see us. We are much honored to have them. I will reveal the name once I talk with them to make sure itโ€™s okay to let you know too.

Sidewalk on the Carriage side

Sidewalk on the Carriage side

All while this is going on we are going to start pulling up the bricks that are laid out as the sidewalks on the Carriage side and pathways on the Riverside. There are tons of them! But we have to get them up before they can do the grading on the grounds. We are going to “repurpose” them as part of the new sidewalks and arrival area on the Carriage side.

Front Gate Entry

Front Gate Entry

If we have any left, we are going use them to upgrade the front entry gate. They are about four feet tall and have been painted white. They use to have a topper that would have been most likely a ball and the wrought iron gate has been removed. The wrought iron more than likely went during the Civil War.

Idea for the new Front Gate Entry

Idea for the new Front Gate Entry

But I have an idea of what I would like it to look like now. I want to replace the ball toppers with a finial topper like the one in the picture. It matches the ones I have used in my design for the road sign at the entry.

Best of all I have my father’s really nice camera to take tomorrow. Maybe we can finally get a good shot of the eagles that are flying over all the time. I think I could sit all day and watch them!

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37 Comments on “Heading Back”

  1. seniorhiker Says:

    I hope all these meetings go well. It’s good to see that things are moving forward. Have fun with those bricks.

  2. You know I am looking forward to pulling them up. Who knows what we might find! Its a treasure hunt!

  3. Reblogged this on Simon Sundaraj-Keun.

  4. ManicDdaily Says:

    So cool. Also TGIF. I have my own staff member – but she’s very old – and I don’t have such a great place for her to assist with. Good luck! k.

  5. Thank you! TGIS (its after midnight here) I bet she is wonderful.

  6. It is so great that things are falling into place for you, very exciting!

  7. Thank you! We truly feel very blessed to have this opportunity!

  8. John Says:

    Great photos, the home looks tall and proud from across the river. Nice!

  9. Thank you! It is a sight to see when you cross over the bridge.

  10. sarahlouisek Says:

    Hurley looks very huggable.

  11. Thank you! Believe me he is!

  12. neelkanth Says:


  13. Thank you!

  14. hayley Says:

    Good luck with your potential-client meetings and I’m sure you’ll let us know what happens on the archaeology front!

  15. Thank you! We have so much to tell later today!

  16. Dianna Says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend – looking forward to pictures!

  17. Thank you! We will be posting later today with all the fun we had!

  18. Amy Says:

    Great progress you have made!

  19. Thank you! We feel like we are moving finally!

  20. Wow! what a busy weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ nice pic of Hurley ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to know more about the bride-to-be photo shoot, I’m sure it will look great and hope you get beautiful pics of the eagles too ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy your weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Thank you! We are going to post an update later today!

  22. What a lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to seeing the beautiful places you visit. Oh, and Hurley is heart melting! Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Thank you! We hope to see more of your blog too! Hurley is a sweetie! Wait until you see the update we are going to post later today with him!

  24. melissajplum Says:

    Great photos! Wishing you the best of luck with the meetings!

  25. Thank you! We are going to post an update later today!

  26. dcwisdom Says:

    I recently saw an A&E? program about the guys that go to historical places with their metal detectors and find buried treasures. Your post made me think of it; won’t it be fun to have the archeologists there?! Can’t wait to read the results of their visit!
    Love the brick idea. I’m wanting to do some bricking at my house, also, but it certainly won’t be on your scale! I’m sure that when you get all your projects done, the place will be a show-stopper!
    Have fun!

  27. Thank you! We will be posting an update later today!

  28. Can totally relate to the cat picture!!!! Best of luck this week. Your place is beautiful!

  29. Thank you! We are going to be posting an update later today!

  30. pommepal Says:

    Things are really starting to happen, I am so pleased for you

  31. Thank you! We are going to be posting an update today!

  32. elmediat Says:

    Very well presented post. You have a challenging and creative endeavour ahead of you. Best of luck.
    Thanks for visiting my blog . It is much appreciated.

  33. You are so welcome! We look forward to seeing more of your blog! Thank you! We are so excite and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

  34. marydpierce Says:

    Hope your weekend is ending on a well-accomplished note. I love seeing photos of Hurley. My mother and step-father ran a lodge near Forks, WA and their favorite staff member was also a golden. His name was Eagle. They’re a lovely breed, aren’t they?!!

  35. Yes they are! We are going to give an update later today! Thank you!

  36. David Says:

    A nice view from across the river.

  37. Thank you! It is what I see each time we travel over to it. It is what makes my heart leap! ๐Ÿ˜‰