Breakfast for Dinner Tonight

09/01/13 8:09 PM

Here is your fair warning!

If you are hungry, 

Don’t read this post!

After a hard day at work, I came home and prepared a new dish. It was quick and easy and very filling!

Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs with Green Onions and Smoked Salmon


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52 Comments on “Breakfast for Dinner Tonight”

  1. John Says:

    What a delightful combination and the presentation is fantastic. The picture “Ain’t Exactly Chopped Liver” either. Excellent Work.

  2. Coming from you John, that means a lot! Thank you!

  3. seniorhiker Says:

    I wasn’t hungry until after I looked at this post! This sure looks yummy!

  4. Thank you! It was really good. I am going to be adding it to our menu for breakfast at the plantation.

  5. You have combined some of my favorites in a way I would not have thought of. I love smoked salmon in the morning and this is a new twist as I usually just have it with cream cheese and bagel. I shall have the ‘cook’ whip up some in the morning! (husband, that is). Lovely!

  6. Thank you! I think I have already thought of a new way to do it now too. Instead of just raw spinach on the top, I think I am going to try adding saute spinach under the eggs. I need to try it to see how the favors work together.

    BTW – We are going to be at the plantation this Saturday. Interested in coming down?

  7. Would love to but I am in sunny Florida! Will let you know next time i am up. Thanks for the invite. Can’t wait to see it.

  8. Oh I am so jealous! Send some sun up here please! Please let me know. I would love to have you come by!

  9. You were right, I shouldn’t have read it. Yum…

  10. I warned you…. Thank you!

  11. terry1954 Says:

    that is my kind of dinner. I steamed some stir fry veggies. Added some cubed cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, along with some sour cream. added a touch of lemon pepper and garlic and a half stick of cheese bread. that was my big supper, hehe. easy, not tooooo bad, hehe, no actually it was good and I have enough for tomorrow’s supper to, which is what I really like!

  12. I would have had a fork standing next to you if I had been there! Cheese any day and in any way is good!

  13. terry1954 Says:

    mine too, I should have been born a mouse!! lol

  14. John Says:


  15. John you are too funny! Thank you!

  16. John Says:

    yooper betcha!

  17. I’m getting hungry, looks yummy

  18. Mission Accomplished… Thank you!

  19. vanbraman Says:

    I may have to rethink what I am having for dinner 🙂

  20. Breakfast is the best meal of the day… any time of day. Thank you!

  21. talkavino Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not hungry… Well, taking another look at the picture – may be I am? : )

  22. Thank you!

    What would be a good wine for this if we do it for dinner?

  23. talkavino Says:

    Hmmm, you are putting me on the spot, aren’t you? : ) Well, the only “breakfast” wine that I know of is… Sparkling (usually served at the brunch), but we also need a bit of a substance in the wine to pair it with this dish, so I would go with some Rose or Blanc de Noir sparkling wines, as they usually have bigger body. If you seriously want to try it, I would go for nice Cava (Spanish Sparkling wine), preferably even Cava Rose. If you would try it, let me know if you will like it!

  24. I think those sound good! I just love reading about this through you!

  25. sarahlouisek Says:

    I”m there.

  26. Sorry… Come to the plantation soon and I will make some for you 😉

  27. sarahlouisek Says:


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  29. melissajplum Says:

    Looks great!

  30. Thank you! It was good. But I have already figured out a new way to improve it. I will have to make it next menu and see how it comes out.

  31. melissajplum Says:

    Can’t wait!!

  32. Looks yummy. I have been doing the same lately – breakfast for supper. I’ve sauted patties of leftover cheese grits and topped them with fried eggs.

  33. Okay, I am coming to your house! Save me some!

  34. I love breakfast for dinner, looks really good. I just had a bowl of cereal for dinner, yours looks much better!

  35. Aw, If you are at the plantation, I would make some for you 😉

  36. I plan on visiting when you open, following this from the beginning has been fantastic, I will feel like I am going to a place I am already familiar with and to people I already know, it’s wonderful and I look forward to having those eggs and salmon when I visit.

  37. Ok well make a list of dishes you would like so we can work through each of them while you are there 😉 I know what you mean though! It’s like we know so many of you and we have never met before. I think it going to be like having good friends come over. 😉

  38. Jueseppi B. Says:

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    BUTT…..WHERE’S THE RECIPE?????????

  39. Shh… its a secret! No serious, I am still working on it so I don’t want to add the recipe until I have it right. But thank you for sharing us with your readers! We really appreciate it!

  40. Sandra Says:

    I could eat this any time of day.

  41. Me too! Thank you!

  42. Angeline M Says:

    This sounds so good. I love eggs, just not early morning, so this is perfect!

  43. I love breakfast for dinner. We have been doing it for years so in a way I give we were practicing for the B&B 😉

  44. Would love to know if you finally had that long awaited glass of wine…

  45. Ah… no. Not even tonight! I am so deprived. Last night got so busy and I was trying to work some on the Pinterest page too. Time just ran away. Maybe this weekend. We are going back to the plantation and I know of a great winery that I could stop by and enjoy a great glass.

  46. jericho777 Says:

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  47. Cream cheese scrambled eggs? OMNOMNOMNOM!

  48. Thank you! 🙂

  49. You’re right. It’s 12:26 am, and I’m now starving. I often eat breakfast for dinner.

  50. Breakfast is good any time of the day!

  51. Oh, YUM.

  52. I have to agree! 😉 Thank you!