Belle Grove Plantation Embraces the Bird!

07/01/13 9:58 PM

Yes, we have finally done it!

We are on Twitter now!

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Follow us at


We are headed back to the plantation tomorrow so I am sure I will have time to figure out how to use it as we drive up! Follow now so you can laugh at my crazy attempts to “Tweet”!

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37 Comments on “Belle Grove Plantation Embraces the Bird!”

  1. John Says:


  2. I am terrified! I have to play with this for awhile to figure out all the ins and outs!

  3. John Says:

    I don’t get it fully either and I’ve been dinkin’ with it for a while now. Still a rather odd form of communication in my opinion. 😉

  4. It feels odd right now. But I am pretty quick at picking things up. Fingers Crossed!

  5. You’ve beaten me to it, guys. Wouldn;t know a tweet if I fell over it. But I just know I gonna have to learn. Bummer! The whole scenario of reducing (bastardising?) conversations to 140 characters leaves me cold. But, then I am a journalist and writer. Still . . . Good luck and I’m happy to share any lessons you learn! David.

  6. David, I am the same in a way. But I think it is going to be helpful with sharing real time as we do things at the plantation. Also for those who would love to go antique shopping. I can share the finds!

  7. Ah, when you’ve got a business to promote, you’ve just got to be part of the game. I am still waiting for Google’s algorithm to catch up with my new blog but it should happen soon. We made some mistakes when first setting it up but that appears to be rectified.Then I’ve got to work out how to upload some of your recipe photos and make that section look tasty and appealing! Also, get my wife’s gardening material into shape. She is a horticulturist and designs a lot of gardens around Brisbane and south-east Queensland. Ah, so much work! Good talking with you folks! D.

  8. David, I feel your pain! We are doing the same as we try and navigate these media sites.

  9. marydpierce Says:

    Congratulations! More progress, another step ahead. See you on Twitter! 🙂

  10. I hope I see you. I’m still figuring this out. Right now I’m trying to pick a link on Facebook for it, but can’t seem to find it yet.

  11. terry1954 Says:

    am now following you on twitter and have been on FB. does this mean I am a stalker???? LOLOL

  12. No way! I love to have you join me there! It just new and exciting ways to keep in touch! And as I start getting busier, its going to get harder for me to be on the blog as much. I love you Terry! You are one of my favorite friends on here because you have been with me from almost the beginning!

  13. I just joined twitter too! Not sure how it works, yet . . . I guess we’ll be figuring it out together!

  14. Well, I think I have done ok so far. I have four tweets that I have done tonight and got the follow me button installed on WordPress. I even got our Pinterest site up and going and added that button to WordPress. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all of it! lol

  15. Rusha Sams Says:

    You’re on a roll. There are many B&Bs on Twitter, so follow some of your faves and learn from them. They’ll be learning from you also! Glad to see you’re a Tweeter!

  16. Thank you! I am trying! We also got Pinterest up too! I don’t have much there yet because I am running out of time tonight. Got to get to bed so we can head to the plantation tomorrow.

  17. Okay. Gotcha, Michelle. Twitter has its place in social media. It should be great way for you to connect with those in the B&B community and those interested in this type of stay. You’ll learn as you go. It’s not that tricky. 🙂

  18. I think I am picking it up a little better tonight. I am usually pretty quick at this stuff.

  19. Angeline M Says:

    I love Twitter! Follow so many interesting people, a lot on photography and travel. My handle is @AngelineM1 see you there 🙂

  20. We are just learning so you have to bear with us until we get this figured out! But I did send 12 Tweets today. I think a health start 😉

  21. Lance Romel Says:

    I’ve added you to my twitter account @lanceromel .. Followed you wohooo!

  22. And we are following you too! Thank you!

  23. jmount43 Says:

    Officially following you on Twitter!!

  24. Yay! I am working on figuring all out. I did send 12 tweets today with two picture tweets, so I think I am off to a good start!

  25. jlee5879 Says:

    Following you! Twitter is fun! 🙂

  26. Yay! I did sent 12 tweets today with 2 pictures. I think I am starting out okay. 🙂

  27. Stofferpix Says:

    I’m now following.
    Twitter is fun.

  28. Thank you! Be patient with me! I am still learning. 😉

  29. Glad to see you your tweets 🙂 following you 🙂

  30. Yay! Thank you! I think I am doing okay so far. 🙂

  31. Hello! I so enjoy reading and following your blog. I’m hoping my husband and I can visit the plantation, it looks so beautiful! Please accept this nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award. You can follow this link to receive your award.

    Again, thank you for the time and effort you put into your writing and keeping us up to date on your project. Thanks for following me on Twitter. Enjoy your day!

    Jodi – minefield navigator

  32. Jodi! Thank you so much! We really appreciate it! It means a lot to us that you shared us with your readers! We hope that you and your husband will be able to see us at the plantation one day soon!

  33. Welcome to twitter…

  34. Thank you! 😉

  35. jericho777 Says:

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  36. I hope you realize you can link your blog to your Twitter account, so that every time you post to your blog your post automatically feeds to your Twitter account. You can do the same for Facebook.

    Go to “Dashboard,” then “Settings” – Click on “Sharing.” All the options come up, including Facebook and Twitter. Then you’ll “Tweet” automatically without having to think about it.

  37. Thank you! I need someone like you to point the directions. I would have found it sometime, but knowing it now I can do it sooner!