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12/08/12 11:00 PM

After a busy Friday and Saturday, Brett decided to just hang out at the house while I headed to an Antique Show in Virginia Beach. I had forgotten that it was this weekend so I was glad I checked! There were about 120 dealers from all over the country. Sadly most of the things that were there were Antique Silver and Antique Jewelry. I was hoping to find the last 16 plates to match my tea cups, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Did find one plate that matched one cup. It was from a dealer called Sandy’s Antiques & 40s 50s 60s Collectibles out of New York State.

But the find of the day, the one that made my trip worth it was found in the booth of a dealer from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Rawlings Antiques carries Fine Antique Furniture, Oil Paintings and Oriental Rugs. Chuck Rawling was just the nicest person. You can contact him at to inquire about his inventory.

When I walked up to the booth, I was looking at a set of three small framed pictures. The first two looked French and Mrs. Roy came to my mind. But then I saw the small black framed picture of an old man just behind it. When I first read it, it took everything I had not to jump up and down and scream, “YES!” I don’t think I would make a good bargain hunter in antiques when it comes to this.

The picture is an Engraving of James Madison “Engraved by T.B. Welch from a drawing by J.B. Longacre taken from life at Montpelier, Va. July 1833” at age 82. It also has a printed copy of James Madison’s signature.

This is the first time I have found something antique that relates to James Madison. My weekend is now complete!

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43 Comments on “Antique Show”

  1. terry1954 Says:

    so did you buy it??????? i am thinking you did! i was so excited for you sitting here in my seat reading this………oh i hope u got it…….

  2. metan Says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  3. I did buy it.

  4. metan Says:

    Yay! 🙂

  5. You know I did! I couldn’t walk away from Mr. Madison! I am going to have it framed correctly to preserve it! I can’t wait to see it up close when we remove it!

  6. Wow. We don’t have such historic finds in California. I’d love to drop in on that Antique Show! thanks for the post!

  7. You are so welcome! It was allot of fun at the show, but most of the things weren’t what I needed. That is until I found Mr. Madison. 😉

  8. What a great find!

  9. It was a great find. We are going to have it reframed correctly to preserve it. I can’t wait to see it up close!

  10. nerdtrips Says:

    What an amazing discovery! I have never seen a picture of Madison at that age. Was it a common to have an image with a head covering like that? It looks like he’s preparing to go to sleep. His signature is very readable and neat.

  11. Thank you! I can’t tell you how excited I was. The drawing was done in 1833. That was just three years before he passed away. Mr. Madison was a frail man and in the last years of his life, he spent most of his time in a room off of the main dining room. I am sure, he spent many days just in his pjs. 😉

  12. nerdtrips Says:

    When we toured Montpelier, I remember the film about Madison said he complained of shuffling and small handwriting in his later years, which I know from my work at a hospital are classic signs of Parkinson’s or “Parkinsonism.” I looked for information on his health, but I couldn’t find anything. I think the Montpelier film said he had some kind of arthritis. Interesting.

  13. lazarioana Says:


  14. Thank you! We think it is too!

  15. Dianna Says:

    How wonderful. I can imagine your excitement! So….were you able to maintain your poker face?

  16. Oh my, it was hard. But I think the dealer knew. I was able to get it down some. But I can’t tell you how excited I was. When I saw it, I gasped. One of the other people looked up at me so I think he knew.

  17. Gemma Says:

    Excellent treasure. 🙂

  18. It really was! I’m still pinching myself!

  19. Anne Bonney Says:

    The Madison piece is a great find! I’m not good at bargaining either – and I am not allowed to play poker.

  20. I don’t think I would do well with Mr. Madison finds. I get too excited.

  21. isaiah43123 Says:

    Ohhhh, after reading the last four posts, the itch to antique shop is getting stronger. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

  22. You are so welcome! I have had a great time looking at all the antiques. But I didn’t buy much this weekend. But what I did find was well worth it!

  23. Great Find! Awesome picture!

  24. Thank you! I think so too!

  25. How exciting! Great find – and to know that it has made its way home….Blessings ~ Patty

  26. Thank you! I like to think we will cherish it always!

  27. judysp Says:

    I have nominated you for the Leibster Award. You truly deserve it. Please look at my blog for details cheers Judy 🙂

  28. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it! It really means allot to us that you are sharing us with your readers!

  29. Jen Says:

    Great find, I recognized Mr. Madison right away! I hope you nabbed it!

  30. You know I did! I couldn’t walk away from Mr. Madison! But you are a better person than me. I didn’t notice it was him for a couple of minutes. It’s not a common picture of him.

  31. Jen Says:

    If I recall correctly, it’s a portrait from his later years. Even so, I’d know those intelligent, hawk-like eyes anywhere! LOL One gets the feeling little got by the great little Madison…

    (Yes, I read FAR too much.)

  32. Very good find – I hope you were able to work out a good deal!

  33. Thank you! I was able to get it down some, but I couldn’t walk away from Mr. Madison. We need a good picture of him at the plantation!

  34. Amy Says:

    I love antique shopping! Mum and I go whenever we can 🙂

  35. I try to do it too. I enjoy touching the history I find.

  36. Liza Says:

    Michelle, you’ve just been awarded the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”. I’m sure you’ve received many and will receive many more. Congrats on your awesome blogging! Please go see the details: Liza

  37. Thank you so much! We really appreciate you sharing us with your readers! It really means allot to us!!

  38. Liza Says:

    Of course and I can’t wait to one day pay a visit to your beautiful plantation!

  39. What a wondrous find

  40. Thank you. We are very excited about it too!

  41. belocchiob Says:

    “To the victor go the spoils” Indeed you have discovered something wondrous. You must have danced all the way home. Virginia.

  42. R B Clark Says:


  43. impactcamera Says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful acquisition! It certainly is a very nice piece. I hope you were able to get a good deal on it!