Some More Progress

02/07/12 10:20 PM

Okay, please sit down before you read this. I don’t want you to faint. Yes, the attorney has finally finished with the contract! I got word today that we should get it tomorrow. (fingers crossed) But I have to say, I will believe it when I see it!

Summer Kitchen Door

We have also added a new video to our Indiegogo site! Please take a moment to check it out! Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our fund. You know the banks aren’t loaning to new startup businesses and definitely not for projects like the one we need for the outbuildings. They are in such bad shape and we are in desperate need for help to save them.

Don’t forget to claim your perks! We have the Free Weekend Giveaway. PLUS!! For those who live too far from us to come and stay, we are going to be adding some new perks just for you! I will be adding them tomorrow night so don’t forget to check them out!! (Thank you to my Aussie blog friend that pointed that out)

Cookie Monster – Seasame Street

Do you love cookies or have a favorite cookie recipe? Be on the lookout for a fun contest we are going to open soon!!


Brett and I and even Hurley really appreciate your support and encouraging words! This has been a great journey and we are so glad to have you come along!

Next post – The New Family

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31 Comments on “Some More Progress”

  1. Dianna Says:

    YAY on the contract! I also have fingers crossed for you with regard to that!

  2. Well we will see won’t we : /

    Will you help us Save our History?

  3. Jen Says:

    *crossing my fingers for you!*

  4. Thank you! We need all the fingers crossed we can get for both that contract and that fund raising. 😉

    Will you help us Save our History?

  5. thebeadden Says:

    Great idea to include something for people who can’t visit or travel. Maybe an option could also include them being able to give it to someone who can?

  6. Yes, that can been an option. We don’t mind transfering it or gifting it to someone else.

  7. Reema Siddiqui Says:

    Can’t wait for the cookie contest!!!

  8. Wait until you see! It is going to be so much fun!

    Will you help us Save our History?

  9. cookie contest!!! Better get my cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe out. The pics and update are truely wonderful. Can’t wait to see more.

  10. Wow those sound good! I will be posting the contest soon!

    Will you help us Save our History?

  11. petrel41 Says:

    Good luck with the contract and everything else!

  12. Thank you! We are glad this contract part is almost done. We hope that we will be able to raise at least enough to restore one of the buildings before we lose it. The Smokehouse is on its last leg with one wall missing and just the frame holding it up.

    Will you help us Save our History?

  13. This is terribly exciting! I cant Wait!!

    Dont forget to continue blogging after you start running the business!

    I’m very very very far from where you are. But I would love to see you succeed!

    ~ E

  14. Your enthusiasm and encouragement help sustain our energy and commitment to the project! We are very grateful to you.

  15. Lots of luck to you!

  16. Thank you for the encouragement! I hope you will continue to check in periodically to monitor our progress and share our story with your friends and family.
    ~Michelle & Brett

  17. I definitely will. I’d love to visit Virginia in person some time, so you just never know….

  18. Ahhh!!! Love the cookie contest idea!! I just made a batch of cookies yesterday that my friends go gaga for! I might just have to submit some;)

  19. Sounds like they’re something very special! We’ll be looking forward to it if you do! Thank you for your encouragement & support!

  20. What a beautiful project… best wishes!

  21. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I hope you will continue to check in to monitor our progress and share our story with your friends and family.
    ~Michelle & Brett

  22. kagmi Says:

    So glad to hear about this endeavor! I have always been a particular fan of James Madison.

  23. Thank you for the encouragement. We sort of feel like James Madison is under-appreciated, so we’re glad to help share the story of his works.

  24. Attorney’s, contracts, you’re thinking correctly to believe it when you see it. 🙂

  25. We’re eager, but also realize some things take time. Thank you for your encouragement & support.

  26. Hope it comes through, on time and correctly!

  27. Yes!! Thank you for the encouragement!

  28. Pat Says:

    Hello I’m so glad things are coming together for you both and I hope it continues so that you’ll be opening soon. Thanks for your continued support,I’m glad the post are a blessing to you.
    Love you 😀

  29. Thank you! We look forward to seeing more from your blog! We also hope some day we can see you in person at the plantation! 🙂

  30. Pat Says:

    That surely would be a blessing to visit and enjoy the good food I know will be served 😀

  31. Well we would love to have you! You should go to our Indiegogo site and register for the drawing and see if you can win the free weekend! For just $10 donation,you can get two tickets! And the dontations go to a great cause, helping us save our beloved outbuildings. They are original 1790 buildings and would be hard to replace. Thank you!