Another Score Day in Antiques

23/06/12 10:29 PM

Hurley decided to sleep in this morning while Brett and I headed out towards Kilmarnock, Virginia to do some shopping for antiques. We scored some really nice tea pots and tea cups!

Check out our finds! 

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46 Comments on “Another Score Day in Antiques”

  1. bentneedle Says:

    I rather jealous of your lovely teapots!

  2. Oh don’t be! Just come and see us and you can enjoy them too!

  3. Kathy Purdy Says:

    Fantastic finds. These are exquisite!

  4. Thank you! We just love finding these!

  5. Hurley is sooooooooo cute! 🙂 I really like some of those teapots as well…

  6. He really is and knows it. He is on my side of the bed too! Thank you!

  7. swaggeroonii Says:

    My mum’s family is totally obsessed with antique tea cups!! I’m 99% sure my grannys got the one in the 6th photo down… they’re all so pretty!!! =)

  8. These are my first ones so it has been such fun finding them! I have seen several ones over and over, but for the most part all of them are different. The only issue I have been having beside getting them at a good price (most are too costly for me) is having them as a part of a set and not being about to get just one. The 6th one is very beautiful!

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Love the saucer at the very top, the matching cup would have been beautiful and the lovely blue and white cup & saucer set. Gorgeous 🙂

  10. Thank you! It caught my eye and I just had to add it to the Belle Grove Plantation Collection!

  11. Lisa at fLVE Says:

    pretty teacups and cutie Hurley. 🙂

  12. Thank you! And Hurley says “Thank you” too 😉

  13. Hope Hurley was impressed with your finds! Mind you thete’s only one word in ‘bone china’ that they’re interested in 😀

  14. Haha! That has to be the comment of the day!

  15. Shofar Says:

    These tea sets must have interesting stories of their own, like who did they once belong to, where they originated from, etc. I would be afraid to use them, but I know, to appreciate their beauty, they MUST be used! Beautiful!

  16. Thank you! You know I was thinking about that last night just before bed. The antique dealer I got these from is an older man, 79 years old. His daughter and wife had started this antique shop which is two small cottages just on the outside of town. Their sign is just a few old boards with their intials and last name painted on them. This gentleman informed my last time I was here, that his wife passed away about nine years ago. He now sits at the cottage and sells off the remaining items. But I would assume that they were purchased by locals over the years and picked up in yard sales. But we are so excited to have them now part of the collection that will be loved by each person using them!

  17. njbrown Says:

    Will you be able to put these through your dishwasher? I always do my antique cups by hand, but I don’t know if that would work in your setting.

  18. No we won’t chance one of them breaking or getting chipped. We will do them by hand just like you. A little extra care goes a long way. Now I just need to find out how to clean the inside of the silver tea pot.

  19. Janine Says:

    Hi there, thanks for liking one of my posts. I have just been reading a few of your posts. Wow at your plantation B and B, how exciting. Loved reading about some of the artifcats you have found already. As for your score in this post, just beautiful. I am green with envy at the haul you collected.

  20. Thank you! We really enjoy reading others blog. It has lead us to many things. The artifacts have been so much fun, but we have only scratched the surface. All the artifacts I have found are just sitting on the surface of the ground. Image what we are going to find once we start doing the landscaping! And don’t be green with envy! Come and enjoy an afternoon tea with us and enjoy each of the wonderful finds we have to offer!

  21. The gold leaf teacup is to DIE for! Hurley looks just like my sister-in-law’s dog (who also likes to be tucked in).

  22. Haha! Hurley thinks he is our youngest child. Yes that one is really nice! I almost missed it too! Thank you!

  23. Victoria Says:

    Sweet finds…and sweet Hurley!

  24. Thank you! Hurley is very sweet! We hope you will have a chance to meet him some day!

  25. JulesPaige Says:

    There used to be a place a few towns over that did specialty ‘Teas’ and the meals that went with them. Each table had beautiful miss-matched cups, saucers and tea pots. I have three from a china set that belonged to my great-grandmother…They have a sort of straight edged, round bowl, white with dainty pink roses. (hmm now I think I may have to go and look up what I can find out about them.) Sort of a swirl up around the bowl. On the bottom is a green bird with wings spread and feet holding foliage and ST. P. M Germany on the bottom. While completely worn from the cups the saucers also have some gold leaf trim around the edge.
    Thanks for sharing these pieces. I’m sure their history is unique – and even if there isn’t any history I would like to think that the pieces will be happy being used. The cup with the fruit is beautiful and different as most tea cups have flowers. Your ‘pup’ is cute too!

  26. You know there are several books you can get on china that show the makers marks and names. You might be able to locate it in one of these. I haven’t even started looking to see what date or maker I have. Maybe I should do that. Who knows, I could have a colonial cup and know it. More than like though, I think they will fall sometime during or after the Civil War. If you find out let me know. If you could send me a photo of the bottom and picture of the cups to our email,, I can see if I have it in one of my books and let you know. Thank you!

  27. JulesPaige Says:

    Thanks the quick Google check didn’t turn up anything – I’ll keep you posted.

  28. JulesPaige Says:

    I located a site that did have quite a few German pottery marks…just not the one I have. I do have a book to look for at the library though…
    Marks on German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain by Robert e. Rontgen (Reference). This book might help you as well. Cheers.

  29. Thank you! Hope you are able to find it! Of course I like the thrill of the research too. When you finally find it, its a rush!

  30. Love Hurley. He looks like my two Golden Retrievers. I love that you are using different patterns together. I do that at home and I just adore the look. Thanks for the update. Your adventures are fun to read about.

  31. Thank you! We are looking forward to complete the collection and are taking care to finding different ones. That way when you visit for tea, you get to experience a new cup!

  32. Gorgeous! And it looks like Hurley scored, too!

  33. Haha! I think Hurley did too! But he always does! 😉 Thank you!

  34. Hurley? Good thinking. Finds? Fine!

  35. Hurley is good at finding just the right thing to do! Thank you!

  36. Angela Says:

    There’s nothing cuter than a dog napping!

  37. And I have to say Hurley has it down to a science! 😉

  38. Dianna Says:

    Hurley’s so sweet! Did you find these beauties at Kilmarnock Antique Mall?

  39. Thank you! You know we didn’t make it all the way to Kilmarnock this time. We were just on the outside of Kilmarnock. It was just a little road side antique place. I think Brett wasn’t so into it as I was so I don’t want him not to enjoy it. You and I need to get together one weekend and head up there.

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    Love the dog!

  41. Thank you for reblogging us!! Hurley is hard to resist!

  42. My dog, Sallie, is the hardest to resist!

  43. baconbiscuit212 Says:

    That Hurley. It looks like he’s working so hard while you’re out slacking at the antiques market. Jeez! Life is so hard for dogs 😉

  44. Yes, Hurley “works” at being Hurley. 😉 But we love him no matter.

  45. belocchio Says:

    Be still my heart. All that wonderful, wonderful china. It is going to such a good and caring new home. Virginia

  46. Thank you! It will be loved and used 🙂