Winter Wonderland

29/01/14 6:41 PM

Brett had told me throughout the day yesterday that Chesapeake was going to have somewhere between 10 to 12 inches of snow. Brett said that the snow this morning was so high, Hurley even had to stop and wonder what was going on! Brett said that when Hurley went to walk down the stairs of the deck to the yard, he couldn’t make out the steps and wasn’t sure if he wanted to step down. As Hurley walked through the yard, the snow would brush up on his stomach because it was so deep. He decided he wasn’t into the cold stuff so he came in pretty quick.



Brett had as told me yesterday that Belle Grove should only get a dusting to one inch and be cold again. Well last night I went to sleep at Belle Grove. This morning I woke in the North Pole. We got about 3 inches, more than the first and second snow of the season. For the first time, the ground was completely covered. The temperature this morning was 11 degrees. At 1pm, its up to 15 degrees.


Looking at the river yesterday, we had a small section in the middle of the river that had frozen, our little “iceberg”. But this morning, most of the river was completely frozen. There was a flock of birds in the middle for most of the morning. Every time I passed the windows, I would wonder if they were “stuck” there. They have seen left.


Belle Grove is just beautiful dressed in white. And with the morning sunrise coming up over the trees, it makes it almost magical.










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