I just couldn’t resist!

27/05/12 4:55 PM

Today, my husband returns from his business trip. But before he arrives, I just had to hit up a couple more antique shops! Score! Two more tea cups for the plantation!

Detail in the bottom of the cup

New Hint!

Hint One:

Captain John Smith sailed up the river that runs by this plantation in 1608 and noted the Indian settlements along the river banks.

Hint Two:

George Washington was a frequent visitor to this plantation.

Hint Three:

It’s not Williamsburg or the area around Williamsburg.

Hint Four:  NEW!

Two famous Virginians were born on this plantation. Both were very good with words.

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58 Comments on “I just couldn’t resist!”

  1. John Says:

    Gorgeous Finds. I’m thinking that perhaps you have come into possession of Greenway Plantation in Charles City County or maybe Upper Shirley. Just a few stabs in the dark. I really need another hint…Are you North or South of the James River. In other words, are you on the peninsula? Where ever you are best wishes and good luck with your enterprise though it doesn’t appear you will need much luck.

  2. Greenway Plantation in Charles City County? Nope not Greenway. Greenway was created in 1775 by President John Tyler’s father, John Tyler Sr. President Tyler inherited it when he was 23 and lived there until he was 39, when he sold it and moved to Sherwood Forest Plantation. But I am not sure if George Washington ever visited Greenway. John Tyler was a famous Virginian, just not the right one. Go back to the first hint. If you can figure out which river John Smith sailed up, then it will get you back into the right area of Virginia. We are not on the peninsula. (a little hint)

  3. Was it the Rappahannock River?

  4. Yay! You are correct!

  5. Wow! This is amazing – having your own B&B and of course those lovely tea cups! I wouldn’t bear to use them just cos they’re ever so pretty. 🙂 I hope it will all go well for you. And thanks for liking my post on Frankfurt Dom!

  6. Thank you! I know what you mean. But the fun wil be sharing them with people and seeing the enjoyment they get out of them! I look forward to seeing more of your blog!

  7. Dianna Says:

    More gorgeous teacups!

  8. I couldn’t help myself! But my husband is home now so I have to behave. Darn!

  9. Sounds beautiful, can I guess? The plantation of Daniel Webster?

  10. Nope sorry that’s not right. Daniel Webster was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire. Think Virginian. Look up famous Virginians.

  11. It was a guess, yes you are right. Love this, and can’t wait for the reveal

  12. Do a little googling with the information I have given. You can figure it out. Another key is to read other comments to learn what is right and wrong. I had one person guess the correct river and I told her that in the reply.

  13. I know nothing about the plantations in Virginia other than I WANT TO GO TO YOURS!
    But I googled Warner Hall. Am I way off?
    Awesome tea cups.

  14. Warner Hall in Gloucester, Virginia? Nope. But a very good guess! Warner Hall was created in 1642 by George Washington’s great-great grandfather, Augustine Warner. George Washington was a frequent visitor to his grandparent’s plantation. But that’s not our plantation! Gold Star for your guess!

  15. Jen Says:

    Oh, I adore footed teacups! So charming. Congrats on the great finds!

    Also, I’m thinking James River area myself. But I know of too many plantations, having visited so many there…they’re all rattling around in my head!

  16. Thank you! Those caught my eye yesterday and I had to go back and get them. Nope, the river is not the James River. There are a lot of really cool plantations there, but ours isn’t any where near there. I think the post on the gardens in Williamsburg is throwing a lot of people off the track.

  17. Jen Says:

    I think you are right. There are several other rivers….Potomac? Chickahominy?

  18. Potomac is close, but isn’t the right one. Not the Chickahominy.

  19. Bridget Says:

    I just adore your teacups! Reminds me of a few I have from my Grandmother…not matched and each one is unique! What type(s) of tea do you plan to serve?

  20. Thank you! I wanted to make each of ours unique as the people that will be using them! I haven’t gotten my tea together yet, but I would have to say that we plan on serving unique favors. Any suggestions?

  21. I love these. I inherited some lovely tea cups of all different sorts. One of them has the little feet on it similar to the ones you have. They are such fun?

  22. Thank you! I am having so much fun finding them!

  23. subtlekate Says:

    I have a special place in my heart for beautiful china.

  24. I know what you mean. Beacause I am searching for each and every one of them, I have a special place for each of them.

  25. Kathy Purdy Says:

    My first thought was Carter’s Grove since we visited there several years ago but you said that it is not in Williamsburg. I am venturing a guess that it could possibly be William Byrd’s plantation the Evelynton Plantation?
    I see you are also a tea cup collector. The ones you posted are beautiful and pristine! Will you have an official Tea Time at your B&B?

  26. Good guesses, but not in the right area. Look back to the first hint. If you figure that one out, it will take you to another area of Virginia. I just started collecting tea cups, but it has been great fun doing it. We won’t have an official tea time that will be open to the public. We will do more of groups for tea parties. We may offer a public holiday tea in December, but that isn’t decided yet.

  27. becca givens Says:

    Beautiful additions to your tea cup collection!! 😀

  28. Thank you!

  29. London in the 1980s was a great place for teacups – all the markets – Portobello, Brick Lane and many others. Bargains to be had. Got rid of quite a lot before I moved to Transylvania but still have my favourites. Actually prefer drinking out of mugs *gasp* but other people love them, and I love looking at them. Your finds are just beautiful – especially the first photo, with that detail. Well found…
    Tell you what – if you email me an address I’ll send you a packet of Ilam tea I brought back from Nepal in March – high quality black tea from the Himalayas.

  30. Oh wow! Thank you! I will send it soon!

  31. tommyale Says:

    Your b&b sounds awesome.
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  32. Thank you! And thank you for sharing your blog!

  33. DG MARYOGA Says:

    Well-selected stuff with elegant and delightful designs !!!
    I bet,the afternoon tea will be tastier in this fine porcelain !

  34. Thank you! I wanted to find unique ones that I can share.

  35. Spoon Feast Says:

    Lovely tea cups! Tea tastes so divine in delicate vessels like these. Do you have a silver tea pot and accessories to go with the cups?

  36. I don’t have any yet, but I am working on it. I have read that silver isn’t a good type of pot to have though. I heard it changes the taste of the tea.

  37. garybuie01 Says:

    What sweet wee feet!

  38. Thank you! I saw these the first day of shopping and had to return for them.

  39. Konstantina Says:

    Lovely vintage tea cups. Adorable.

  40. Thank you! I just have a few more to get. This is so much fun!

  41. Mary Lou Says:


  42. Nope not Shadwell.

  43. Mary Lou Says:

    You can get lots of cups at the Williamsburg antique mall and enjoy the La Petite Tearoom with wonderful scones.

  44. I have been there too! I have even had tea in the tea room! Very good! I am planning a return trip soon!

  45. Mary Lou Says:

    Let me know and I will join you!

  46. Will do!

  47. chrisstov Says:

    Great pictures, lovely china

  48. Thank you! They were so much fun finding and purchasing!

  49. Lillie Says:

    Oooo, one of my favorite teas is Lapsang Souchong. It has a smoky flavor and isn’t easy to find, but well worth it to some if you do. I went to a ‘real’ tea party a few years back and they served Lapsang Souchong and a peach-imbued tea. The majority of the ladies there loved the peach tea the best, and three of us happily drank all the Lapsang Souchong. Afterward I went on an extensive search for it and finally found it at the local health food store in the bulk section.


  50. Thank you! I will see if we can get some for the plantation! I have never had it, but now I want to try it!

  51. So if you ever said to me “come shopping with me for tea cups” I’d have thought you were out of your mind and needed to find a better way to spend your day. LOL. But you’ve proven me utterly and completely wrong!!! They are beautiful and I can’t stop looking at them! Good luck to you. I’ll be following along closely!

  52. I know! It is so addictive! It’s like a game anymore! Can I find that one that will out do the others! Today we are heading back to the plantation and I know we are going to stop yet again at another antique shop! Yes I am sure we are going to have more pictures soon!

  53. Shofar Says:

    Your tea sets look too beautiful to be used, but need to be enjoyed with the delectable dishes you’re serving with them! Would also like to visit your plantation, too!

  54. Thank you! We hope to see you soon! Maybe we can use those sets while you are there!

  55. I’m totally obsessed with teacups!! Love the blog, and so jealous of these!

  56. Thank you! I have enjoyed finding each and everyone of them. I want them to be as special as the people that will use them and the plantation that they will represent.

  57. Beautiful cups and saucers – love the guessing game – are you anywhere near *whispers* Oak Grove?

  58. Thank you! *whispers* no. Sorry. But I will tell you that part of the name is correct!