23/05/12 8:24 PM

Update! We got a call today that our LLC package is on the way to the house. As soon as we get it, we can get our Federal Tax Id Number. Wow, we are starting to feel more official! Sadly, checked on the contract for the house, still no word. The lawyers are drafting the contract so we are at their mercy. And until we sign that contract, we can’t reveal anything about the house. I hate legal stuff, but we have to do it right. We are just eager to get started! I know that a lot of others are eagerly waiting to see the big “reveal” too. Believe us, it will be so worth it!

But for fun, we thought we might give you some hints to see if you might be able to figure it out. (Those of you that know us personally can’t tell!)

Hint One:

Captain John Smith sailed up the river that runs by this plantation in 1608 and noted the Indian settlements along the river banks.

More hints to follow in future post!

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23 Comments on “Progress”

  1. don’t you just love lawyers?

  2. Not when they take too long doing stuff! : )

  3. It’s that whole charge by the word thing. 😉

  4. Ooh, ooh, I think I know! I grew up in Virginia and my Mom is a huge history buff.

  5. You can venture a comment on it if you wish. If you really think you know, email it to me and I will confirm it.

  6. Are we allowed to make comments based on your hints? Or would the lawyers object? ie could there be a link to Gravesend in Kent?

  7. Yes you can comment on the hints. The lawyers can’t object to that. And as far as Gravesend in Kent. No that is not correct. Sorry

  8. frugalnature Says:

    I have a special place in my heart for those who love old homes like I do. It makes me so happy to see someone restore an old building to it’s previous grandeur & I can’t wait to see the final product! Good luck with finishing up all of the legal stuff.

  9. Thank you! We do love old homes! Our first home was an 1885 Brick Federal in Ohio. It was a lot of work and sadly we had to move before it was done.

  10. You are living my dream! Virginia is for lovers (of history) can you smell the boxwood from the front parlor?

  11. Yes you can. There use to be many more of them, but a lot of them have died off or were cut back. We have plans to rearrange what we have and add more. The last owner must have loved boxwood! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  12. I love your idea of stories from other cooks and chefs! But I couldn’t find your story!

  13. Dianna Says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure I can look out my window and see the river of which you speak. How about dropping me an e-mail, so we can become acquainted?? Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  14. Just sent you an email. Nice to meet you Dianna!

  15. Hey nice blog! I take my hat off to anone that runs a B&B! nearly as bad as owning a plant nursery 😉 24-7

  16. Thank you! With the size of this plantation, it’s going to be like having a nursery! I don’t know if I would do as well at it though! I think I need to keep to the kitchen and house. My husband has the green thumb!

  17. Im sure you will be fine! By the looks of that menu update you have the kitchen sorted, i started salivating looking at the picture.
    Keep up the good work

  18. I have toured the Berkeley Plantation, but it is not a bed and breakfast, so I am very anxious to know more about yours. We hope to visit the area again. Thanks for visiting my blog and the ‘like’ on my old barn post.

  19. Thank you! I love Berkley Plantation! In fact I went by there to look at their front entry gate because I was thinking of improving the one on our plantation so it was a grander entry. But our plantation isn’t near Berkley. I love old barnes. We have traveled alot and I just love seeing them along the way. I just wish I could get my husband to stop so I can take pictures. Of course we would end up stopping every 15 minutes!

  20. I love old homes too. Good luck with the contract!

  21. We do too! Our first was a Federal brick home built in 1885. Thank you for stopping by!

  22. We have visited some plantations along the James River. Hope it is along this river because it is so beautiful.

  23. It is on a bluff over looking the Rappahannock River. It has a great view too!

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