Look Who Has Joined the Party!

21/12/13 10:47 PM

Santa Display

Over the past ten years, I have been collecting Santa Dolls at Christmas. Each year, we pull out our collection to display from the day after Thanksgiving to the day after New Years. The best part of this tradition is when we pull them out, it is almost like buying them new. You get to remember all the details that you purchased each for.

When I go out each year, I look for Santa’s with details in their face or in their clothing. And I am a sucker for glasses detail or a warm, kind face with true to life facial details. While I do try to buy one or two each year, there has been years that I didn’t purchase any. This was because I didn’t find one with the details that I want. For the past two years, we have not added any to the collection.

When we decided to decorate Belle Grove Plantation, I made a run back to Chesapeake to bring our Santa Dolls up to share with all our new friends! I knew exactly where to place them . . . in the Upstairs Grand Hall on the sideboard. They fit perfectly.

It was so much fun pulling them out, seeing those that have been with us for years. From our “Baker Santa” with his little helpers to our “Toy Maker Santa” with his little helpers, each has such meaning to me.

Santa Baker with helpers

Santa Baker with his elf helpers

Santa Toy maker with helpers

Santa Toy Maker with his elf helpers

Santa Bunny Slippers

Santa with a Fennel Shirt and Bunny Slippers

Santa Courtney

Mini Santa

Santa elf basket

Elf Santa with basket

Santa elf birdhouse

Elf Santa with birdhouse

Santa elf fur coat

Elf Santa in a fur coat

Santa elf on a shelf

Elf Santa on a shelf

Santa elf with holly coat

Elf Santa in a Holly Coat

Santa Father Christmas Tall

Father Christmas

Santa first

My First Santa

Santa Floor Fur Coat

Floor Santa in a Fur lined Coat

Santa floor lantern

Floor Santa with lantern

Santa Glass Tall

Santa with glasses

Santa plain face

Santa in a Fennel Shirt

When I made a run back to Chesapeake this last week, I made a stop to look for a Santa. I was well rewarded!

I found them at Michael’s Craft Store during one of their great sales. When I walked down the aisles, I noticed that the shelves were really bare. I got a little nervous that I might have waited too long. ¬†After two or three aisles, I found the last of the Santa Dolls on one shelf with several Angels. As soon as I walked up, these two Santa Dolls caught my eye. Each of them had such wonderful faces. They both seemed to be “talking” to me; asking me to take them home.

Each of their clothing details was wonderful. One looked like it stepped out of the movie “The Hobbit” or “Harry Potter”. The other just looked like a joy Father Christmas. So I started debating which was the right one. These Santa Dolls general run about $4o for each, so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take both home.

I picked up each and examined them. When I picked each up, they seemed to smile bigger knowing that they may be going home with me. I finally placed both back on the shelf and took a step back.

Then is when I realized that they were on sale!

Who needed to chose? I could have both! They were 70% off!

Santa joins the party

Father Christmas and Wizard Santa

Santa 2

Wizard Santa from the side

Santa Wizard face

Wizard Santa

Santa 1

New Father Christmas from the side

Santa New Fur Coat Face

New Father Christmas

So welcome to our newest Santa Dolls! We look forward to seeing them among our others for years to come!

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