The Suites Are Done. . .Finally!

22/11/13 9:48 PM


Today we received the last of the curtains for the suite!

Yes . . .  Finally!

We also received two more rooms of curtains!

Check out these and two new decor pieces we added to the Conway Junior Suite and the Turner Master Suite!

Remember the Parlor?


Look at it now!





These pull backs are really special . . .


They were made from scratch for us!!


This is the makers mark!


This is the Small Dining Room window.

The Formal Dining Room will look like this except it will be a different fabric. That should be here next week!



And here it is . . . Finally!

The Turner Master Suite with the Half Tester Canopy in place!





I wonder who will be the first to sleep under this magnificent work of art!


We have added this Top Hat (Victorian) to the Turner Master Suite.

We will get a friend to make a hat stand for it. Wouldn’t it be cool if we can find a Victorian Ladies Bonnet to go with it? Maybe even a Victorian dress!


This very large platter isn’t really that old, but it looks wonderful on the mantel in the Conway Junior Suite. Once we get Sarah Elizabeth hung, it will grace the space under her in the middle. I think I might buy two blue and white ginger jars to go on either end to balance it out. But I need to find some other pieces, other than blue and white to add to the room to make it more brighter.

Next week, we should be getting the Formal Dining Room curtains just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thank you to our two wonderful seamstresses!!

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