The Madison Suite Gets Its Crowning Glory

24/09/13 3:43 PM

Today our seamstresses arrived with the Madison Master Suite’s Canopy for the Full Tester Bed!

Wow what a difference it makes for the bed!

DSC_0001 small

It really makes the bed look taller than before and really dresses the suite up!

DSC_0005 small

DSC_0006 small

DSC_0008 small

DSC_0010 small

DSC_0011 small


DSC_0012 small

DSC_0016 small

All we have left to do is add some portraits, pictures and small decor and we will have a finished room!

Thank you to Gates Antiques, most especially Mrs. Jo Gates for putting so much time into getting the details right for this suite! It looks beyond beautiful! Any President would be over joyed in staying here!

Gates Antiques

12700 Old Buckingham Rd  Midlothian, VA 23113

Now I wonder who will be the first to sleep under this canopy!

At this moment, the suite is available for this coming weekend!!

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14 Comments on “The Madison Suite Gets Its Crowning Glory”

  1. lynnwyvill Says:

    That is one fancy bed!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you!

  3. I would stay up all night and just look at it. It’s gorgeous!

  4. Thank you! I know what you mean! I have been in the room a dozen times just to look at it!

  5. Johna Says:

    What a beautiful room! It’s a place you would hesitate to leave. It is so inviting!

  6. Thank you! That is what we were going for 😉

  7. Karen Cawthon Says:

    Michelle this is beautiful.

  8. Wait until you see it in person tomorrow!

  9. Gorgeous! So beautiful, love the colors and the details. Simply lovely. DAF

  10. Thank you!

  11. Jen Says:

    Oh, it’s stunning—it looks just perfect!

  12. Thank you!

  13. Terry Says:

    Wow Michelle, that is so beautiful, I would sleep well in that room

  14. Thank you. We hope everyone will.