Getting Ready for Afternoon Teas

01/09/13 3:01 PM


In the month of September we have booked several afternoon teas at the plantation. As we start preparing for them, one of the items I need is some really great petite pastries. Now I could make these, but being an Innkeeper of a large mansion doesn’t always work with baking. So I have been on the lookout for just the right person to take my place.

Yesterday we had a visit with Mimi’s Sugar and Spicy. Mimi’s family is from England, so you know we were going to get some authentic English pastries. And she didn’t disappoint us!

Take a look at just a few of the ones we will be serving with our Afternoon Tea!


What Afternoon Tea would be complete without some English Tea Cakes?

These yummy bits are Shortbread with Pecan tops.


I am a sucker for Almonds so these Almond Mandolins were right up my alley!

And what was so great about these is they have a hint of lemon and orange flavor to them.


Now this dessert won’t make our list for the Afternoon Tea,

but it could be on our Thanksgiving and Fall Holiday Menu!

This is a Pumpkin Neapolitan with Almonds.


Now these have to be my favorites!

These are Praline Squares with a Graham Cracker Crust AND Almond Paste base!

The only thing missing on this was a little dip in Chocolate!


These have to be the prettiest of the pastries!

This is a Petit Four made of Sponge Cake and Frosting.

Who wouldn’t love this moist and delicious cake!

Special Thank you to Mimi of

Mimi’s Sugar and Spicy

in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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32 Comments on “Getting Ready for Afternoon Teas”

  1. Terry Says:

    I definitely would like to sample all especially the pecans

  2. They were good!

  3. melissajplum Says:

    I love beautiful photos of delicious foods!

  4. Thank you!

  5. they all look delicious! I want one of each, maybe a half dozen of the petit fours… DAF

  6. They were! If you could to the plantation, I can make sure you get them!

  7. Hi Michelle and Brett!!! So much has gone on with your B&B since I last visited your blog…I so love your website!! I am so happy for you both!!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

  8. Thank you! You too!

  9. 🙂

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    I have to share this with my FA Peeps!!! These photos look so delish!!!!

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  12. Yummmmmmmmm ….. 🙂

  13. I totally agree!

  14. Yummy!

  15. Yes they were!

  16. Rusha Sams Says:

    I love teas because the tiny sandwiches and dessert bars look so delicate and adorable! Yours are no exception! Best wishes for entertaining lots of guests!

  17. Thank you!

  18. missmaughan Says:

    Lovely! Those look tasty!

  19. Thank you!

  20. I wish I could come to your beautiful venue for this incredible afternoon tea. Everything looks and sounds delicious. Someday!

  21. Thank you! Yes we hope you will join us some day soon!

  22. I’m bloody salivating here. Looks fantastic, Michelle! Well done. David.

  23. Thank you David!

  24. David Says:

    They all look very tasty. I’ll take one of everything. 🙂

  25. Right after me! Thank you!

  26. jamieaaron03 Says:

    Those look really good!

  27. Thank you!

  28. Jen Says:

    Wow, the petit fours are *beautiful*! How I miss going to teas—I do them here or not at all (gluten, darnit). So pretty—people are going to LOVE these! Will you do special Derby Day teas?

  29. You know that sounds like a lot of fun. We had planned to do Derby Day with Mint Juleps but this sound good too. May have to do both.

    Thank you!

  30. Jen Says:

    Any time. A plantation seems like an ideal place for a Derby party to me.

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