Dinner with President and Mrs. Madison Scheduled

23/08/13 9:31 AM

Photo with Madisons close up

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast is proud and honored to host

President and Mrs. Madison

on the occasion of their 219th Wedding Anniversary


President Madison portrayed by Mr. John Douglas Hall

Mr. Hall bears a striking physical resemblance to President James Madison in appearance, age and size, but the similarities do not end there. His sharp wit, soft-spoken tone and extraordinary grasp of events as they occurred two hundred years ago to the day make Mr. Hall’s portrayal of Mr. Madison second only to Mr. Madison himself. Mr. Hall has been the singular person of James Madison at Mr. Madison’s home Montpelier in Orange County, Virginia since 1987. He has represented James Madison on Constitutional issues for legal and academic venues and a variety of public forums around the country. You will not want to miss, nor will you soon forget this opportunity to have an intimate conversation with the Father of the Constitution, as portrayed by John Douglas Hall.

Aria Couture Dolley Madison in gown with James

Mrs. Madison portrayed by Dr. Lynn Uzzell

Dr. Uzzell is currently the Scholar in Residence at James Madison’s Montpelier and Senior Editor of ConText, an online resource for James Madison’s Notes of the Constitutional Convention. She received her B.A. in speech communication at Black Hills State University ad her M.A. and PH.D. in politics at the University of Dallas. Her doctoral dissertation explored the debates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Dr. Uzzell has portrayed Dolley Madison at Montpelier since 2010. Dr. Uzzell eloquently brings Dolley Madison to life as she moves through her Salon greeting guests just as Dolley Madison did two hundred years ago.


Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast will host two events

during the evening of September 15, 2013.


6:00 pm – A very exclusive, VIP dinner with James and Dolley Madison

This dinner will be an intimate event for 12 very special guests, featuring exquisite Virginia fare and lively conversations with the Madisons. Tickets for dinner include admission to the after-dinner Salon.

8:00pm to 9:30pm – An Evening Salon with James and Dolley Madison

This Salon will be hosted by James and Dolley Madison as they welcome guests to an evening of wine, hors d’oeuvres and lively conversation.


VIP Dinner with James and Dolley Madison

$115 per person / $200 per couple

Ticket also includes the Evening Salon

Evening Salon with James and Dolley Madison

$65 per person / $120 per couple

Space is very limited, please make your reservations early!

You may purchase your tickets in our Website Online Store at


Or call us with a credit card at



Suites Available

Book one of the two suites available for this evening and receive two free tickets to the Evening Salon with James and Dolley Madison. Please book your room through our website at www.BelleGrovePlantation.com

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10 Comments on “Dinner with President and Mrs. Madison Scheduled”

  1. PigLove Says:

    This is so totally cool! And September 15th is very special to this little oinker – it’s my birthday!! XOXO – Bacon

  2. Oh how wonderful!! Well, I don’t think you will want to come to this dinner sweetie… we are serving Virginia Ham 😉

    But we would love to see your mommy!

  3. PigLove Says:

    uh oh – slowly backing out that date from my personal pig calendar to visit the plantation – snorts.
    Ya’ll will have a fabulous time! XOXO – Bacon

  4. That’s okay. You won’t be on the menu. But there is always the Ghost Hunt 😉

  5. PigLove Says:

    Heads up. Someone say ghost hunt? I can do that. What if I put on a sheet and run through the fields for you. I can be your mysterious ghost pig. XOXO – Bacon

  6. Haha! Don’t laugh but according to one of our guests we have a ghost dog.

  7. PigLove Says:

    See – every plantation has a ghost. I would have company playing around on the grounds. We would really give your guests something to talk about. XOXO – Bacon

  8. Oh Bacon if I could only seek you in 😉

  9. John Says:

    LOL! Mmmmm ham is delicious! Great post, Dolly and Mr. Madison look awesome. The clothing is fabulous too. I hope this event goes wonderful for you.

  10. Thank you!