More New Arrivals!

20/08/13 1:02 PM


Today Gates Antiques arrived with more wonderful furnishing for the Plantation!


Our “Lincoln Movie” Couches are now in their place in the Junior Suite Sitting Rooms


They were replaced by our two Rosewood Couches!


These Couches have also been in lots of Movies!

Jay Gates, one of the owners of Gates Antiques will be email me a list shortly.

But to name just a few:

Lincoln (unconfirmed – he thinks so but is checking)

Iron Angels

GI Jane


The backs are just beautiful! 

But we need to get more in the room now. It looks so empty!

Joining the Rosewood Couches is a new “Instant Relative”!


Jay had bought her for her frame and placed her in his warehouse.

I saw her sitting in a corner one day and was drawn to her. I have placed her in the Parlor and you can almost see a smile on her lips.

I guess we might need to pull some names from our large list for the first “Instant Relative” to name her too!


My new Mahogany Mirror has been hung over our 1776 Chest in the Hipkins-Bernard Room.

But best of all….

We have Rugs!


I had bought this rug to go in the Parlor, but the reds were just a little to off. So I moved it over to the Library and it really “sings” in there!


This rug is a little hard to see because of the shadow and light in the room right now. But there is blue in the rug that really matches the walls. The curtains won’t be staying in there, they are on loan. The curtains and bedding curtains will be a darker blue and gold.


This rug was our “Pink” find for the Turner Room. The curtains will be a little darker this this. But it looks just beautiful in our Bridal Suite!

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4 Comments on “More New Arrivals!”

  1. John Says:

    Fabulous choices, Michelle!

  2. Thank you

  3. Terry Says:

    it is all coming together nicely. Your hard work is paying off handsomely

  4. Thank you.