Where in the World am I?

12/06/13 4:27 PM

Today our handyman guys were busy sanding and paint so I decided to escape the plantation along with the dust and flumes and head out on an adventure. As most you know, when I go on an adventure, I don’t go with a plan. I just point the car and head out. Today was a particularly good adventure!

If you are following us on Twitter and Instagram, you got to see some real time photos of where I have been. But here is the fun part, I didn’t reveal where I was! So for those of you who didn’t get to play, I am going to extend the fun to you!

Below are the photos I sent out with the expectation of the last. I didn’t send that one out to anyone. Today I am going to give you a chance to figure out “Where in the World Michelle was!”

In 24 hours, I will reveal where I was.

I will extend one clue…. I was in Virginia and within a half a day’s drive from Belle Grove.

Good Luck!

Nanzatico small

First Photo

Oaken Brow small

Second Photo

Ingleside Plantation small

Third Photo

Pope Creek small

Fourth Photo

(Yes those are cows standing in the water)

Oak Crest Vineyard small

Fifth Photo

(This one didn’t go out via Twitter or Instgram – It’s also the hardest to figure out)

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10 Comments on “Where in the World am I?”

  1. My kids are napping so I think “Ok, I’ll see if I can figure out where she is”. That last pic looks like grape vines in a vineyard, but that got me nowhere. Then I searched for “big brick plantation house in Virginia”, and poof! There’s a picture of the same house! Yay me. Then I clicked on it…and it’s your picture…so then I searched “big white house on the river in Virginia”. And got lots of images of the White House. So I give up. Lol.

  2. Haha… I have to say, these are going to be a little harder than normal. But I think you are going to enjoy the reveal!

  3. Dianna Says:

    As a native Virginian, I’m ashamed of myself. They all look familiar, but I really don’t know…without cheating!

  4. Well don’t feel bad! They are hard, but the reveal will be worth it!

  5. A winery in Virginia. Could it be Oak Crest?

  6. Hmmmm… we will see.

  7. David Says:

    It seems you were there before. This is my best guess. 🙂

  8. Good guess… no cigar. The reveal is coming shortly!

  9. What fun!

  10. Thank you. And it was!