We Never Do Anything Halfway at Belle Grove Plantation

09/06/13 12:22 PM

Yesterday was a great adventure! I was back in Chesapeake Friday night so we could head to Richmond on Saturday to meet with our design team. We decided to make a day of it and headed up Surry, Virginia to eat lunch at the Surrey House Restaurant and Inn. We have been following them on Facebook for awhile and have seen some of the awesome dishes they make.

Surrey House Restaurant and Inn


As soon as we sat down, Jennifer (one of the owners) pops out of the kitchen to say hello and asked about my finger. The restaurant is wonderful. They have such a “homey” feel when you come in. They have some sayings framed around the place and I loved the one that said:

“Unattended Children will be given Expresso with an Energy Drink and a Puppy.”

Lunch was great too! I started with something I have never had before but wanted to try – Virginia Peanut Soup. This area around Suffolk, Smithfield and Surry is a large producer of peanuts. And I have to tell you, I LOVE Peanut Butter. But the soup must be an acquired taste. The waitress asked me if I had ever had it before and I said no. So she suggested that I take a sample first. It was awesome! So I asked for a cup.

Surrey House Restaurant and Inn Virginia Peanut Soup

Surrey House Restaurant and Inn Virginia Peanut Soup

It was like drinking warm, liquid peanut butter! It is even had bits of peanuts in it. They served it with crackers which was just perfect! When I was young, my grandmother, Nannie, would always make me an afternoon snack of peanut butter on crackers. What a great memory it brought back! I tried very hard to get the recipe, but it is a closely guarded secret. (Time to start experimenting!)

Brett ordered a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich and I got a Cheeseburger. Instead of fries, we both got an Apple Fritter. He had his without sugar, I had mine with sugar. They were heavenly! I could have made a meal of just them!

Chicken Cordon Bleu and Apple Fritters

Chicken Cordon Bleu and Apple Fritters

Cheese Burger and Apple Fritters

Cheese Burger and Apple Fritters

After we finished, we headed out to go to Richmond. Just as we started to pull out, Sam, Jennifer’s husband flagged us down to say good-bye. What a great couple! You must stop here and grab a bite! Make sure you say Belle Grove said “Hello!”

We arrived in Richmond at Gates Antiques for a day of reviewing and approving new purchases. It is such a “hard” thing to do… not! Here are some wonderful things we saw yesterday.

Federal Linen Press

Federal Linen Press

You  may remember this Federal Linen Press from a recent post. It was in pieces as they were working on making some repairs for us. Well, it’s done and will be making it’s way to Belle Grove on Monday!

English Slant Top Desk

English Slant Top Desk

They also have the English Slant Top Desk ready to head to Belle Grove!

Curving for Satee

They have started work on a Settee that we are planning on placing in the Grand Hallway upstairs. Look at this carving repair they have completed! It is hard to believe that it wasn’t part of the Settee to start with!

Early 1800s Sideboard

Early 1800s Sideboard

I finally got to see in person the Sideboard we picked for the Formal Dining Room!

It is very more beautiful in person than in the photographs!

Early 1800s Sideboard - details

Early 1800s Sideboard – details

Early 1800s Sideboard - The doors are curved!

Early 1800s Sideboard – The doors are curved!

Early 1800s Sideboard - Even the Key is cool!

Early 1800s Sideboard – Even the Key is cool!

Victorian Chairs

Victorian Chairs

We selected these two Victorian Chairs for the Parlor!

One has a Fruit Detail at the head and the other has a Rosewood Detail!



We also selected a matching Settee to go in the Grand Hallway downstairs! It looks allot like the one they just started working on, but has just a very differences. We won’t be using this leather covering. We are going to do both in a gold fabric with a diamond pattern and light blue accents in the fabric to match the wall color in the Grand Hallway.

Satee Details

Settee Details

You can see here that similarities with some of the carvings.

Satee Details

Settee Details

But this inlay is different on this one. It is in the head rail at the top.

Satee Details

Settee Details

And this carving in the foot rail.

Corner Cupboard

Corner Cupboard

We selected this Corner Cupboard for the Parlor too. Can you see the tea cup collection in this?

Egyptian Black Marble Serving Table

Egyptian Black Marble Serving Table

And of course the best for last!

This is the Egyptian Black Marble Serving Table that will go in the Parlor beside the Corner Cupboard.

Marble Table Detail

Marble Table Detail

The marble has white and gold veining in it! It is amazing!

We returned to Chesapeake last night completely happy with all the selecting and repairs being made!

Our design team is doing an awesome job and working very hard to get us ready to open soon!

This morning, I head back to Patients First here in Chesapeake to see my long time primary doctor, Dr. Mansfield. I have been seeing her for years now and its almost like seeing a friend when I come in. I wanted her to follow up on  my broken finger to make sure it was looking good. I had gotten a call just two days after my accident (three weeks ago) from Patient First telling me that it was in fact broken. They had advised me to go to an Orthopedic Surgeon to have it looked it. Thinking that it was just a hairline fracture, I declined the referral and said I would just splint it and watch it.

Thursday this week, I got a second follow-up call from Patient First. They again asked if I had gone to the Orthopedic Surgeon. I reminded them that I had declined, but then it got me to wondering why a second call. So I asked the nurse for a little more detail about the break. Come to find out, I didn’t have a hairline fracture. I had a compression fracture and she told me that I broke part of the finger tip off!

So today, I thought it wise to follow up with Dr. Mansfield to make sure I really don’t need to go. When she came into the room, she sat down and said that after reading the notes from the two follow-up calls, all she could say was, “That’s Michelle.” I guess you can say I get pretty involved in my own medical care. She had them take a second set of X-rays to review the finger.

Tip of my left ring finger X-ray

Tip of my left ring finger X-ray

After the X-rays came back, she said, “I have to say, you don’t do anything half way do you?” I kind of laughed and asked what the results were. She told me that I did have a compression fracture and that I did break the tip off. But that the break was in eight pieces!

Tip of my left ring finger X-ray - Detailed

Tip of my left ring finger X-ray – Detailed

Good news – I don’t have to go to an Orthopedic Surgeon! There is really nothing they can do but splint it and let it heal. She said it should heal nicely. The two cuts (one on top and one of the side) are healing good with no infections.

Bad news is that it is going to take longer to heal. But I have been using my hand and there really isn’t any pain unless I hit it or touch it. The splint is pretty much keeping it from that.

She did tell me that the reason they followed up twice was more because of the cuts. That it could have had some of the bone coming out! Yikes! But thankfully that didn’t happen either.

So splint, clean dressing and no dirt or water and I should be good. Typing has taken some getting use to, but its not really slowing me down.

I do want to thank everyone for the kind words and the gifts that I have gotten since it happened!

It means allot to me!

We have such great supporters!

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34 Comments on “We Never Do Anything Halfway at Belle Grove Plantation”

  1. Wow very splendid,love the furniture-settee&Victoria,difficult to come by in a furniture showroom,good house warming really.

  2. Thank you!

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing our blog with your readers! It means allot to us!

  5. seniorhiker Says:

    It sounds like good news all around, from the furniture to your finger. I’ve had Virginia peanut soup, and it truly is delicious.

  6. It really was good! Thank you!

  7. Dianna Says:

    Glad your finger is improving – my husband did the same thing to his last fall, and it’s still a little sensitive.
    So nice to see the Surrey House featured and to hear you had a nice experience….that’s so close to “home”.

  8. I hope his is doing good too! Thank you!

  9. David Says:

    That Federal Linen Press looks a whole lot better than the pieces it was in a few weeks ago. Now don’t lose that key to the sideboard. 🙂

  10. Yes it does! I won’t 😉

  11. Good finger news! Yeah! I just love, love those furniture pictures.

  12. Thank you!

  13. Oh my gosh! Michelle! Your poor finger! When it comes to something like that, it’s true: they can’t really do anything other than splint it and wait for it to heal. I wish you a smooth recovery!

  14. Thank you! It’s coming along.

  15. becky6259 Says:

    It’s so good to get out and have a relaxing, tasty meal — glad you were able to do that!
    Wow, that’s pretty impressive — I didn’t even know it was possible to break the very tip of a finger in that many places! Glad you don’t have to go through surgery, and hope it heals up nicely for you.
    Your furniture looks amazing, both the ones that are ready and the new acquisitions! It would be interesting to know the history of the side chair that looks like it’s had a huge bite taken out of it — that has to be some story!
    I have some books, but I’m not sure if they’re quite what you are looking for — I’ll send you a list of them before I send the books themselves so you’re not stuck with books you have no use for.
    This has been an interesting journey — I’m so glad you started a blog!

  16. Thank you! The finger is doing much better and the furniture is arriving again tomorrow. Thank you for searching your stacks for me! We really appreciate it!

  17. Terry Says:

    beautiful furniture, and so glad your finger doesn’t require surgery!

  18. Thank you Terry!

  19. John Says:

    Ouch! I hope the finger heals soon.

  20. Thank you! Me too!

  21. The furniture is beautiful but I am so sorry to hear about your finger, glad that it is improving and hoping that it continues to heal. So glad to hear you don’t need surgery.

  22. Thank you! It is coming along and doing better. I have so much going on right now I don’t even think about it much any more.

  23. Ow ow ow ow ow ow Ooh apple fritter!!! Ow ow ow ow ow …

  24. Yes, I felt the same after eating it!

  25. Anne Bonney Says:

    Thanks for sharing the furniture photos – and the apple fritters! Heal well.

  26. You are so welcome and thank you!

  27. vanbraman Says:

    I will have to keep my eyes open for peanut soup. It sounds delicious. I am also looking forward to seeing pictures of the furniture when it is restored.

  28. Thank you! I would tell you if you like peanut butter, you will love this!

  29. I’m glad your finger is doing better. The furniture is just gorgeous!

  30. Thank you!

  31. Furniture is lovely!

  32. Thank you!

  33. Scott Richards Says:

    I am enjoying your posts and the progress you guys are making. I could not help but perk up when you discussed your love for peanut butter, as it has been a life long obsession with me. In fact, I have written and had published what I feel is an excellent primer for any who want, or are already fanatics concerning an excellent piece of our culture that I am sure James Madison himself enjoyed.

  34. How very cool! Is it long? Is it in book form?