A B&B James Madison Would Love

05/06/13 9:58 AM

Here is a wonderful post about Belle Grove Plantation. You must see the picture!

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6 Comments on “A B&B James Madison Would Love”

  1. Patty B Says:

    Great picture and article.

  2. hideaheart Says:

    Have you rescheduled opening the B&B to Jame’s bd in 2014?

  3. John Says:

    Love the photo from 2000 foot, the home looks great!

  4. seniorhiker Says:

    The photo is fabulous. The article is neat as well.

  5. cealarenne Says:

    This place is just gorgeous. Can you put up your B&B page so I can book there when I’m in the States next? I’ll make the effort to get there.

  6. Thank you so much! We are almost done with the website. With things running so close,we are trying to get things in place so we have good pictures before we launch it. But I am afraid I may have to launch it before and add pictures later.