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24/05/13 11:59 PM

Wheat Fields at Belle Grove Plantation

Wheat Fields at Belle Grove Plantation

Before I left Belle Grove last week, I got a real treat!

The farmer who leasing the fields at Belle Grove scheduled a crop duster for his fields. I know it may not be a big deal for most, but for me, a little girl from the big city, it was like Disney World. The farmer told me that the pilot was a former stunt pilot and that if I stood there and started taking pictures, he would start showing off.

So as I stood by the field of wheat, I started snapping away.

After a few passes, he let me know that he knew I was there!

This is his first pass….















After about two more passes… 

I got the thrill of my life!












This is our street sign at the entry of the plantation!


This is the 1860 church on our plantation!


To see more exciting happenings at Belle Grove

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33 Comments on “Buzz The Tower”

  1. I agree with you. Really exciting. I love it that the land around the plantation is still farmed. It makes it all that much more authentic and charming.

  2. Thank you! It is so cool to stand on the plantation side balcony and look out at the wheat growing in the fields! It is so beautiful!

  3. Anne Bonney Says:

    Great photos. I’m glad things are coming along. The land is beautiful.

  4. Thank you! It really is just beautiful!

  5. John Says:

    Sweet! A cool looking little aircraft.

  6. It is cool! Thank you! By the way, missed “seeing” you around the blog! I have to get back to reading my blogs!

  7. vanbraman Says:

    Thanks, this brings back memories of when I worked for a crop dusting company. I was usually the flag man, but also was responsible for mixing and loading the chemicals.

  8. I have never seen it done before so it was just a real treat. (city girls, right)

  9. becky6259 Says:

    Never a dull moment at Belle Grove! And what a pretty church!

  10. Dianna Says:

    I have to ask about the chemicals he was spraying – I’m guessing he turned off the spray before he flew over you?? Love that little church!

  11. Haha, yes, he turned it off several feet back. I asked the farmer if the chemicals would hurt me if I was around it and he told me no that it won’t. So I was safe.

  12. Rusha Sams Says:

    Love the sequence of shots — you give us readers a sense of motion!

  13. Thank you! It really was fun clicking away as he approached. That shot as he got close made me a little nervous though, haha.

  14. Joel Harding Says:

    Thank you for bringing EVERYTHING at the plantation alive!

  15. You are so welcome! It is so much fun sharing this with everyone! It is just a grand place and there is always something going on here!

  16. Janet Rörschåch Says:

    All of a sudden I had images of Cary Grant in North by Northwest….

  17. Haha great image!

  18. I enjoyed that right along with you. Love the street sign too. Do you keep a journal of all the excitement of getting Belle Grove ready?

  19. Thank you! I am glad to have you along with us! This blog is my journal. It is funny, but I have referred back to some of the posts to get information on what we did already. I am so glad I have it.

  20. Well, I guess your blog keeps track of all you are doing, but I meant something personal for yourself.

  21. I don’t keep a personal one. I only have time to write on this one. And I pretty much tell you exactly what I would have written in a personal one.

  22. Awesome! Have a great weekend.

  23. You too! 😉

  24. Moss Piglet Says:

    Wow…excellent pictures.
    Last August I had the delight of an evening at Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)…where we were treated to a flyover by WW2 Spitfire. Unlike clever you I forgot my camera…we are off again next August, to see “The Blades” aerobatic team. I WILL remember my camera.
    Love the little Church, keep these wonderful pictures coming, thank you.

  25. Moss Piglet Says:

  26. Thank you! I love the picture of the Spitfire on the link!

  27. Wow! I just saw a documentary on Highclere Castle. It was wonderful to hear the history of such a grand estate. Nothing like what I have here. I know Brett would have loved to see the WW2 Spitfire! I am sure he will be jealous when I tell him! Yes, please take you camera! Thank you!

  28. This post was GREAT! I could totally sense your excitement and completely understand! I’m a city person, too and I get all a twitter (old fashioned meaning ha!) from anything “country”
    You’ve got a great place there…how about that old church!!!???!!!

  29. Thank you! The church, which was originally part of the plantation was donated to the church in 1859. The church was completed in 1860.

  30. Terry Says:

    Great photo shots. Made me feel like I was watching with you

  31. Thank you!

  32. chrisstov Says:

    Great and exciting pictures of the plane.

  33. Thank you! It was great fun to see it in action!