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29/04/13 10:06 PM

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As we move closer to landscaping the grounds at Belle Grove Plantation, I have found myself drawn to other gardens to research Β plants we might want to use. Sunday, I visited the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It is one of my favorite gardens here in Virginia and always leaves me inspired.

The plants I was most interested in were the Azaleas and Camellia. I am hoping to dot the long drive to the front gate with a mix of Azaleas in and around the Red Cedar trees. I think it would gave a beautiful splash of color in the spring as well as provide a nice fill in to spaces where they have lost trees.

Azaleas - Dorothy Gish

Azaleas – Dorothy Gish

Azaleas - Double Pink

Azaleas – Double Pink

Azaleas - Gloria

Azaleas – Gloria

Azaleas - Hampton Beauty

Azaleas – Hampton Beauty

Azaleas -  Hot Shot x Hershey Red Tetra

Azaleas – Hot Shot x Hershey Red Tetra

Azaleas - New Generation

Azaleas – New Generation

Azaleas - Rosy Frills

Azaleas – Rosy Frills

Azaleas - Salmon Surprise

Azaleas – Salmon Surprise

Azaleas - Satelite

Azaleas – Satelite

Azaleas - Gibraltar

Azaleas – Gibraltar

I am at odds with the Camellias. I fell in love with them when I visited the Elizabethan Botanical Gardens in Manteo, North Carolina. From that point I knew I wanted to have a garden of them. My hope was to place them around the Riverside Portico, but with a full afternoon sun from noon to sundown, I am afraid it may be too much for them with no shade. So I am thinking about moving them to the Carriage side of the Mansion to greet our guests as they come in. They won’t have too much shade there either, but they will only get the morning sun which will be filtered through the trees until 11am to noon. So hopefully that won’t be too much full on sun.

Camella - Anemonaeflora

Camella – Anemonaeflora

Camella - Brillant

Camella – Brillant

Camella - Christmas Beauty

Camella – Christmas Beauty

Camella - CM Hovey Colonel Firey

Camella – CM Hovey Colonel Firey

Camella - Ellen Daniel

Camella – Ellen Daniel

Camella - Faith

Camella – Faith

Camella - Grace Albritton

Camella – Grace Albritton

Camella - Julie

Camella – Julie

Camella - Lady Laura

Camella – Lady Laura

Camella - Masterpiece

Camella – Masterpiece

Camella - Nuccio's Gem

Camella – Nuccio’s Gem

Camella - Sawadas Dream

Camella – Sawadas Dream

Camella - Susan Stone

Camella – Susan Stone

Hope you enjoy our research!

If you have any ideas you would like to share…

Please do!

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37 Comments on “More Research”

  1. seniorhiker Says:

    I really like the idea you have for azaleas along the drive. That will be a beautiful welcome to the house.

  2. Thank you. My grandmother who taught me so much had them all through her yard. I love them.

  3. TamrahJo Says:

    Beautiful pics! Can’t wait to see your finished projects –
    New Urban Habitat is one of my favorite blogs and this morning, she posted a blog (with additional research links) regarding Thomas Jefferson’s gardens at Monticello – thought you might be interested in the info there:

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for the links!

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  6. belocchio Says:

    These are all my favorite flowers. So beautiful they take my breath away.They flourish here in The Lower Mainland . You will be creating a magnificent garden. Virginia

  7. Thank you so much Virginia! We are starting from zero so I want to make it beautiful.

  8. andy1076 Says:

    Beautiful colors, Spring truly has arrived hasn’t it? πŸ™‚

  9. Yes I have to say that it has! Thank you!

  10. andy1076 Says:


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  12. John Says:

    Beautiful photography Michelle! Exciting days for you both. πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you! I am learning for sure!

  14. I really miss seeing azaleas out here. I used to have them in the yard in Tennessee and they are so lovely in the spring. And I miss dogwood trees and redbud trees. It took me a long time to learn what to plant where out here. I finally figured out the hearty plants that like the sun and the ones that will survive in the shade. Lots of trial and error. I know the grounds will be beautiful.

  15. Thank you! I hope we figure it out soon πŸ˜‰

  16. becky6259 Says:

    Two beautiful, showy flowers — your ideas for them sound like they will make a lovely entrance up to Belle Grove!

  17. Thank you!

  18. These are so beautiful

  19. Thank you!

  20. vanbraman Says:

    They are all so beautiful. Do you plan on having a rose garden? They would make a good border around a rose garden.

  21. We are considering a rose garden. It may be a later project since they do require some work. Thank you!

  22. A funny thing, Michelle . . . my wife is a horticulturist – and we have three acres of gardens that we have spent twenty years developing. But I’m afraid our Down Under circumstances would have us all wrong for your northern climes! No matter. Just make sure whatever you plant is Hurley-proof!

  23. Thank you David! Hurley is really good at not eating or playing with plants so we should be good.

  24. Aren’t Mother Nature’s gifts so beautiful and inspirational? πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us Michelle – very much appreciated πŸ™‚

  25. Yes I would have to agree with that! You are so welcome! Thank you for stopping by!

  26. Gorgeous garden shots. So beautiful.

  27. Thank you!

  28. Nothing says welcome to a southern plantation like azaleas! All of your photos are lovely. They bring back such wonderful memories of living near the Norfolk gardens and going there as a child, dare I say over 40 years ago. Camelias are another favorite. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow them in my garden, your photos make me want to try again. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. I will look forward too seeing what you decide on and the progress.

  29. Thank you Kim! I know I just love azaleas too! Keep your fingers crossed on the Camellias!

  30. Beautiful! I love the camellias! They don’t grow well here in the Northwest, so I always enjoy seeing them when I travel.

  31. Thank you! I have never grown them before so I think I may need to take another trip to Manteo to make sure I do them right.

  32. Glenda Says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I always feel like I’ve been with you when you share your pics. Great job! On the azaleas, just stick with the ones that have the lovely green foliage after the blooms leave. And by all means throw some Dogwood trees in for companions to the azaleas! Have you considered a small “reflection” garden of just white flowers? It can be beautiful. Last suggestion – hydrangeas? I know you will make it awesome!

  33. Wow, those are all great suggestions! Brett says he really likes the Dogwoods too! I haven’t thought about a small white garden. What plants would you suggest to make it? We have a small area that we want to have as a place for people to go and relax and that would fit the bill. And we love hydrangeas!! Thank you!

  34. Nativegrl77 Says:

    Thank you for stopping by …as always! my mom had quite a few Azalea bushes

  35. You are so welcome! Thank you!

  36. sarahlouisek Says:

    Every single shade of those azaleas blows me away.

  37. Thank you! I loved them too! But we are going to look for brushes that stay green instead of fill with flowers and look like sticks for the rest of the year.