Mindful 4

04/01/13 5:39 PM

This is a wonderful piece that was written about Belle Grove Plantation! As far as I know, it is the first piece of poetry ever written about our wonderful and historic Virginia Plantation.

We would like to invite everyone to join in the fun! We have just kicked off our first Annual Official Cookie Contest at Belle Grove Plantation! Enter your favorite cookie recipe and have a chance to win $100! Your winning cookie also be the Official Cookie for one year at Belle Grove Plantation, Birthplace of President James Madison! Every night, you winning cookie will grace a silver tray of midnight snacks for our guests!
Please check out our link below to see how to join in the fun!

A special Thank you to julesgemstonepages for this great honor!

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  1. Jane Sadek Says:

    Hi –
    Just wanted you to know I nominated you for a blog award over on my blog. I know you get so many that you don’t respond, but I wanted my readers to find their way over to your site and eventually over to your B&B.

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you so much! We can’t wait to meet you face to face soon at the plantation! I’m going to have to give you a great big {{Hug}}.

  3. tucsonmike Says:

    Always a pleasure, when you are up and going will have to have a writers retreat. Happy New Year.

  4. We are planning just that! We can’t wait to see how the plantation inspires writers! Thank you!

  5. tucsonmike Says:

    But of course!

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