Back to Work

23/11/12 9:49 AM

While the past week or so has been all consuming, Brett has kept us on track as far as Belle Grove. He has truly been my rock and really picked up the slack. He has gotten the preliminary site plan and it was submitted to the Zoning Director on Wednesday, November 14th. Since then we have already received several items we are going to have to either correct or add to the plan in order for it to be approved. Brett is work with the surveyor to make these corrections and will be making an appointment to meet with the Zoning Director to discuss some of the others. We are hoping to be able to get through this process quickly so we can move to the next step, landscaping and filling the house. Once those are completed we can open for business. Our hope is to open, even if it is a soft opening on March 16th, James Madison’s Birthday.

Today, I will be working on our wedding information. We have two brides to be that are interested in having their weddings with us during 2013. I will be driving up to Belle Grove tomorrow to meet with them. One bride is interested in doing her reception with us in April and the other was interested in the whole event in June. Of course all of this will be contingent on us getting the zoning approval and opened in time.

Either way, I can’t wait to get back to Belle Grove tomorrow. I have missed seeing it and being there. It will be a breath of fresh air and will help me get back to somewhat normal.

Brett and I also want to thank all of you again for all your support, love, thoughts, hugs and prayers during the last week. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful readers!

Thank you so much!

Now onward and upward!

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26 Comments on “Back to Work”

  1. My book was recently nominated for a notable literary award. As you continue to plan for the future, maybe think about having an author visit for a reading?

    All the best,

    S. Thomas Summers
    Pushcart Nominated Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

  2. Yes, we are planning to have authors come to do readings. I am meeting with one on December 7th to talk about her future books and readings. I would love to have you as well!

  3. gooseyanne Says:

    May all your hopes and plans reach fruition.

  4. Thank you! We hope so too!

  5. So exciting! Makes me want to load hubby in the car and come help – lol!

  6. Thank you! Well you never know, I might be calling!

  7. Dianna Says:

    How wonderful to be working with brides this weekend! We’ve had two weddings on our lawn (with a 3rd scheduled for next September). It’s SO exciting!
    Enjoy your weekend… I’m sure Belle Grove is anxiously waiting for you…!

  8. I am excited to start working towards something with Belle Grove. I hate this waiting around. Enjoy your weekend too!

  9. terry1954 Says:

    it has been a very rough week for you both, but I am glad that you are also able to keep moving forward.

  10. Thank you. It feels good to have something normal to do.

  11. How nice for you to have exciting things to look forward to, as well as looking back at memories. Weddings at Belle Grove will be lovely. I hope we get to see some photos.

  12. Thank you! I will be sharing photos once we have one!

  13. hideaheart Says:

    May I have a mailing address for Belle Grove Plantation B&B?

  14. Sorry I couldn’t help you with this address just yet. But thank you for your words of support.

  15. Your, Belle Grove, sounds like a labor of love…which is the best kind of work! Thank you for visiting my “Bentrivka” world, I am honored to have had you stop by.

  16. You are so welcome. We look forward to seeing more of your blog in the future! Thank you! It is a real labor of love.

  17. tjsthings Says:

    Congratulations on your opening date! I can’t wait to see this unfold. Onward and upward, indeed!

  18. Thank you! Fingers crossed that it will happen!

  19. adinparadise Says:

    It all sounds really exciting. Good luck with all your plans.Bella. I’m still keeping you in my thoughts.

  20. Thank you!

  21. ideflex Says:

    All the best for you and your family in the new year in this wonderful endeavor!

  22. Thank you! We hope your new year will be just a wonderful!

  23. Jane Sadek Says:

    So happy to find you putting one foot in front of the other heading in the direction you’re hoping to go. I’ll be praying towards your grand opening on Madison’s B-day.

  24. Thank you! All the support we got really helped me stay grounded through this all!

  25. Thomas Edison says, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” But I think you two have the bases all covered. Enjoy this beautiful life you’re making. Such a grand journey. Happy holidays to you both!

  26. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you too! We are working hard and I know it will be a blessing in the end. Thank you for supporting us!