24/10/12 6:09 PM


If you have paged through our blog and come across a posting missing pictures,

don’t worry, it’s not your computer!

In a bid to open space for more pictures, I deleted pictures from my media library.

I didn’t realize that it would also take them from the postings.

Can you tell I am a little blog “challenged”?

I will be working on putting them back over the next few weeks.

We have to be at the plantation over the next week so it may take some time to do it.

If you want to see pictures of the plantation, pictures of places we have been, or best of all, pictures of all our food we have posted

check out our Facebook Fan Page.

Also don’t forget to check out our Silent Auction Page located just to the left under the “About Us” page!

There are some wonderful items and some hot bidding going on over a little blue ink well!

Lot 1
Blue Ink Well

Bids close on Friday, November 2nd at 11:59 Eastern Time!

Email us your bids today at


Thank you for your support in raising funds to open our Summer Kitchen as a small museum!

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32 Comments on “URGH!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Lol, I figured that out as well about the pictures. Makes sense really, I just didn’t think about at the time. 🙂

  2. Yeah but now the fun of replacing begins…

  3. The joys of FB. And you have great pics, too.

  4. Yes.. Thank goodness for Facebook 🙂 Thank you!

  5. I’m so technologically challenged I thought I wasn’t going somethng right!!!!

  6. Well, you’re fine… this time its me..

  7. Scott Says:

    Contact a WordPress Administrator ASAP, they may be able to recover those files.

  8. I will try that! Thank you!

  9. marydpierce Says:

    I did that on my blog, but with just one photo. I was as surprised as you to find that when I deleted it from my media library it disappeared from it’s place in my blog! I guess I was expecting magic. 😉

  10. Well, lesson learned and now the fun of replacing them in 120 posts.. whew

  11. So glad I now know this and won’t make the same mistake! Sorry I learned the tip through your misfortune, though. ~ Kat

  12. Well it least I saved them all on a CD so I have them!

  13. Dianna Says:

    oh, Michelle, I did that within the first week of blogging….thankfully, I had only published a few posts at that time , so it was easy to replace the photos. This is gonna be a J-O-B for you, friend. So sorry it happened.

  14. Well hard lesson learned, but at least I got to take a trip down memory lane of our journey!

  15. Lillie Says:

    Awww! That sucks! You *could* put them up at another location (like Flickr?) and then link them to your blog, to save room on your blog. Eventually you will fill up Flickr too, but it’s not a lot of $ to get a professional account with them that will allow you more memory usage. Or maybe someone else has another idea of a good location. *HUGS*

  16. I am going to put some on our Facebook Fan page, but I think it is a good thing it happened. It gives me a chance to go back and reduce the size of the files to save more space too. Thanks for the hug!

  17. Inga Says:

    Yup, I did that once too! I actually just made a note of it and didn’t replace most of them. Lame, I know. 🙂

  18. Yup, I am working on it now. So much fun : /

  19. vanbraman Says:

    Good tip about reducing the size of the pictures to save space. I am sure that someday I will have to make the decision to either purchase more storage space or reduce my memory usage. For now I am good for quite some time. Have fun on the Plantation and get a lot of work done :-).

  20. I am working on reducing my photos now. Its just going to take some time. Thank you!

  21. I did that too, but luckily I realised before too many were gone and I could go back and replace them without too much bother. Now I reduce the size of every photo on Picasa before I upload it to WordPress and I’ve noticed that it’s not using up my space nearly as quickly. I hope you are able to recover what you’ve done. Good luck.

  22. Well, I can’t recover them, but I guess its a good lesson on reducing the sizes first. I guess the positive it now I have a chance to do that with all them!

  23. Rusha Sams Says:

    I did the very same thing. I thought I would just save space, so I deleted pics from about four blog posts. Not good. Glad you caught it in time! Good luck. http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  24. Well, I didn’t catch it early enough. I have about 3/4 of my postings that I have to replace them. That is if I can remember what went were.

  25. Mrs. P Says:

    After I almost fried my computer in an electrical storm and had to take it into the shop, I decided to purchased a larger external drive so that I could back up my computer daily. So many hours went into research and scanning photos that I didn’t want to risk losing them and with the extra space I can still use larger size pictures on my blogs. I just never leave it plugged in after the back up has been completed. ‘)

  26. Great advice! We pull all our pictures off the computer to CDs. But I haven’t backed up the documents lately. I think it is time! Thanks!

  27. Jane Sadek Says:

    I’m feeling sorry for you. Sounds like something I would do. When I met my husband he had a computer sales and service company. Good thing. He was going to need that experience to keep me digital!

  28. Well, it was a good lesson in reducing your pictures before uploading. So I just need to replace them.. all 124 postings.

  29. Urgh indeed! So sorry to hear about the technical snafu!

  30. Yeah.. its going to be some real “fun”.

  31. Elen Grey Says:

    I feel your pain. Been there. Done that.

  32. Wish I hadn’t! It’s going to take forever to fix.