Through the Lens of Richard Harrison

06/10/15 6:57 PM

October 6, 2015

Last September, we had our Fall Showcase here at Belle Grove. It was a wonderful gathering with lots of people coming to view Belle Grove’s mansion, grounds and to meet some of the vendors that have been at Belle Grove for other events. As I was walking around meeting the people that had come for the Showcase, to my surprise, I had a visitor that I had not expected to see!

Standing in our Ladies Parlor, camera in hand stood a tall gentleman, who at first I didn’t recognize. I have to say, I see so many people sometimes, the faces will allude me when I see them again. But after a moment for searching my brain, I realized it was Richard Harrison, photographer and loyal supporter of Belle Grove Plantation since almost the very beginning of our journey.

You may have remembered some of his work here when he stayed with us last year. We use his photographs often for advertising, marketing and magazine spreads on Belle Grove. While he was in the area and decided to pop over to see us, he honored us with some more of his outstanding work! We wanted to share some of them with you.

To see the rest of Belle Grove’s photos:

If you wish to see some of his other work, please visit his website at














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2 Comments on “Through the Lens of Richard Harrison”

  1. Michelle,

    It was so nice seeing you again and FINALLY getting to meet Brett!

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I was really glad I got to visit this time – if only briefly. I continue to be both impressed and amazed at the work you have done at Belle Grove. It seems more attractive and compelling each time I’m there. It’s little wonder it’s risen so quickly through the ranks of fine Virginia B&B’s.

    I’m happy that you liked the photographs. Sometimes impromptu shooting comes up lacking but there were indeed quite a few that manage to show different dimensions of the mansion and its surrounds.

    There is hardly a square inch of the place that isn’t imbued with at least some smidgen of photogenic appeal but for me the Kitchen Building remains a favorite and so I suppose it’s no surprise – to me – that my favorite from this day is the shot from its interior looking out through the window. toward what, if memory serves me correctly, is the smokehouse.

    I’d like to get back next April when I travel east again and cover a twenty-four hour cycle of light. Would be fun. So I have my fingers crossed.

    The very Best of Luck to you and Belle Grove!


  2. Michelle Darnell Says:

    Thank you Richard! We hope you will be able to come back in April! It would be wonderful to see a study of light done on Belle Grove. I don’t think we have had that done before. You are so kind and we are so glad that you have come along with us through this amazing journey!

    – Michelle