First Christmas Dinner at Belle Grove Plantation

Dec. 27th 2013

sunset 4


Down in Belle Grove-ville

Liked Christmas Dinner a lot…

 Christmas Dinner 1

Yummy morsels

Tidbits, nibbles and dollops

Were greatly sought!

Christmas Dinner 4

 When those, young and old, sat down to the feast.

And they feasted! And they feasted!

And they Feasted, feasted and Feasted.

They started with ham, a spiraled brown sugar glazed beast

And followed with Horseradish Mash Potatoes to say the least!

And Then

They passed the Harvest Vegetables and Sweet Potatoes Mashed

And the Butternut Squash with Cranraisin and Spinach was even passed.

There was Chutney made of Orange and Cranberry

A sweet and tart delight that is red as a cherry.

And crescent rolls that were lost to those that tarry.

Lastly upon the plate sat deviled eggs by the dozen

Enjoyed by all down to the last one.

The last was saved for the chef as reward for a job well done.

And what happened then…?

Well…in Belle Grove-ville they say

That each small stomach

Grew three sizes that day!

And the minute their pants didn’t feel quite so tight,

They whizzed around the Mansion Tour until the last light.

 sunset 1

And as the last left Belle Grove-ville

And drove out of sight,

The Darnell Family called after

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”

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