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May. 13th 2013

This is a press release from the Historic Pen Company. They are one of the woodcarving guilds that have some of our historic wood from Belle Grove. We are excited to have them working with us to preserve these “Witness Trees” for everyone to enjoy!

We do not have information yet on when our pens will be available yet. They just picked up the wood on Saturday and will be returning in two weeks to pick up the rest. Once they have evaluated the wood to see how long they need to dry them out for before they can carve them, we will know more. I will get it out as soon as I hear.

Our trees that were removed and will be turned into historic pens were a 180 year old Mulberry, 80 year old Red Maple and an undetermined Ash. The Ash’s center trunk was so degraded that we couldn’t get an age from it. It was wide enough to be at least 100 plus years. The Mulberry would have been planted around 1830s and would have been alive during the life of James Madison.

180 year old Mulberry Tree Belle Grove Plantation

180 year old Mulberry Tree
Belle Grove Plantation

80 year old Red Maple Tree Belle Grove Plantation

80 year old Red Maple Tree
Belle Grove Plantation

100+ year old Ash Tree Belle Grove Plantation

100+ year old Ash Tree
Belle Grove Plantation


Prince 1


HISTORIC PEN COMPANY/Seaside Heights creates Original Boardwalk wood gift for Prince Harry and Governor Christie

 Manahawkin, NJ – May 13, 2013:  The Historic Pen Company began with a simple goal: the reclamation, salvaging and repurposing of wood and other materials from historic sites throughout the United States that would otherwise be discarded and lost to history.

Additionally, the Historic Pen Company offers a historic and culturally significant, revenue-producing alternative to support the ongoing operation of its client historic sites while also limiting the destruction of these one of a kind resources, thus preserving not only history, but the integrity of the environment through the repurposing of these materials.

In this the Centennial Anniversary Year of the Borough of Seaside Heights, New Jersey and at the request of the Borough of Seaside Heights and specifically Mayor William Akers and Special Events Director, Michael Graichen, the Historic Pen Company created a “pair” of high quality writing instruments to commemorate the May 14, 2013 visit of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales to the community.

Following the devastation of Super Storm Sandy on October 29, 2012 and the destruction of the famous Seaside Heights Boardwalk, the continued support of people worldwide has served to strengthen the community during its recovery. Continued support through the Office of Governor Christie and the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales to experience first hand the deviation that struck the New Jersey coast support this recovery.

The Governor Chris Christie and His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales pens were handcrafted by Historic Pen Company’s Master Pen Maker, John Greco over a period of 5 days: May 7-12, 2013. The pair were made from Authentic Seaside Heights Original Boardwalk Wood salvaged by the Borough of Seaside Heights during the clean up following Superstorm Sandy. Each pen is 5.875 inches in length with a diameter of 2.3125 inches and is enhanced with 24K gold plated hand-carved rhodium hardware and crystal clip. Although created as a matching “pair”: because to the complexity of the Boardwalk pine and grain, each pen is a uniquely different one of a kind work of art.

The pens will be presented to Governor Christie and His Royal Highness during their May 14, 2013 visit to the Borough.

To see more information on the Historic Pen Company

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Please visit their website at

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