The Mission Continues

Jul. 20th 2012

Agent Log 1.2

Hurley, Plantation Dog here.

Mom and Dad are out to dinner so I have a chance to catch up on what is going on with my mission.

The Mission is progressing. We have had lots of humans visit my post, lots of humans like my post and some even went to my family’s Indiegogo site to donate a bone or two and leave comments!

(My favorites are the ones that are done in honor of that human’s special dog or family member)

I even had one done in honor of me! Two bones up for that one!

Thank you!

But our mission isn’t complete yet! We are down to 4 days! We are just a few bones away from $1,000! But here is what I was thinking.

Recently on this Indiegogo site, another human who sells recycled toilet paper had a campaign where he was going to sit on a toilet for 50 hours to raise $50,000.00. And you know what? He did it! Now I don’t think I want to sit on a toilet for 50 hours, but if he can do that in 50 hours, we can raise allot of bones in 4 days! And it won’t be going to buy toilet paper either! It will be going to save three very old, historic buildings located on my plantation!

(it’s going to be my new hide out from my arch enemy, Mille the Cat!)

Th Cat
Arch Enemy of Hurley

So please, take a moment and go to my family’s site at

and share a few bones for me!

Do it in honor or memory of your favorite human or dog or even

… gulp

… cat.

I will make sure that it will show up on our Patron page for all to see! We can even include a picture of them!

So please don’t just read my post or just like my post…

visit my family’s site and share it with friends!

P.S. I have a video shoot tomorrow so watch for my video debut in the next day or two!

So have a heart and share a bone!

I’m beggin you!

Love and Licks

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