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Nov. 21st 2012


The Center for the Constitution at James Madison’s Montpelier is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the teaching of founding principles and constitutional ideals. Established in 2002 by The Montpelier Foundation, the Center for the Constitution is located at the home of James and Dolley Madison near the town of Orange, Virginia. The Montpelier Foundation is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to present the legacy of James Madison as Father of the U.S. Constitution, architect of the Bill of Rights, and fourth president of the United States.

The Center conducts educational programs that foster a deep appreciation for the principles of constitutionalism in America, such as human liberty, popular sovereignty, fundamental law, and good government. Drawing on primary source materials, such as the U.S. Constitution and The Federalist Papers, participants to the Center’s programs will engage in conversation and debate to develop a broader understanding of constitutional principles. Participants also study other founding documents as well as historical and contemporary forms of government.

Programs offered by the Center are designed for professionals who implement or teach the Constitution and influence others’ understanding of constitutional principles, including educators, elected officials, judges, the media, public servants, international groups, and law enforcement officials, among others.

The Constitutional Village, home of the Center’s academic and residential facilities, is comprised of renovated early 20th-century farmhouses. The classroom and dining room are located in Lewis Hall, a renovated carriage house. In the spirit of Dolley Madison’s renowned hospitality, participants are welcomed to the Constitutional Village for collegial and wide-ranging discussion of the most important concepts that define our country and how they extend into modern society and the civic fabric of America.

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“Madison on the Move”
In Front of Lewis Hall at Montpelier

On their Facebook Fan Page, they have been playing a game call “Madison on the Move”. They will post a picture of a James Madison bobblehead in front of a location. You have to be the first to guess the location correctly. This week I was the first to guess that he was at Lewis Hall at Montpelier! So I won a prize. I don’t know what that prize is yet, they are going to mail it to me. But it was a really nice surprise after such a week!

Click below to visit their page and join in the fun!

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